Car customs in Jordan

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Car customs in Jordan

The law on car customs was issued in Jordan in 1998, then this law was amended in 2018, as a few new customs rates were introduced in addition to other new rates of customs tariffs on the entry and exit of goods from Jordan, including cars, and due to the search of many people for the value of cars. Jordanian customs on cars and how they can be calculated, so in the following lines we have clarified these points for everyone looking for car customs in Jordan, especially since these customs differ according to the type of car, customs on hybrid cars are different from electric cars also different from cars that use fuel.

The value of customs on cars in Jordan:

  • Fees on imported cars are calculated according to their weight, starting from 500 dinars and up to 1500 Jordanian dinars, excluding the cost of customs.
  • The customs rate also varies according to the year of manufacture, the applicable rate, and the engine category. If the year of manufacture is the first year, the rate is 7%. If it is the second year, the rate is 4%, and finally, if it is the third year, the rate is 2%.
  • As for the cars of the Volkswagen, Porsche, and Audi types, the value of the customs duties is calculated on each of them according to the car code, as the car code of the Volkswagen brand or the Audi brand is installed on the label near the spare wheel, and it is after the word Type, for example, Type 7Ymh5.
  • There is also a 68% sales tax on conventional cars
  • The value of the vehicle in taxes may differ from one period to another, due to the different currency exchange, the difference in factory prices, and the differences in the specifications provided, but in case of a low value, the vehicle data is incomplete and is being entered.
  • Customs on electric cars in Jordan:

Customs decisions have been issued in 2020 regarding exempting all-electric cars from customs because they preserve the environment, as there is only a tax on them, and the government of Jordan has decided to reduce the tax on electric cars of category 250 kilowatts and less from 25 to 10%, as well. I decided to reduce the tax on electric cars by 251 kilowatts and above from 25% to 15%.

The Jordanian government also decided to cancel the weight tax on electric cars and replace it with a tax of 4% of the value of the car, in addition to paying a 25% sales tax.

Customs on hybrid cars in Jordan:

While the value of the special tax imposed on cars that partially operate on electricity or hybrids whose engine capacity does not exceed 2500 cc, the special tax imposed on them was estimated at 12.5 percent, instead of 40 percent, which is replaced instead of old cars that are written off

Also, the engine capacity of the cars that are written off is not considered, provided that 10 years or more have passed since the date of manufacture of the car to be written off, and that it is the same engine capacity as the car that was written off, or less and according to the approved write-off mechanism, from both From the Customs Department, the Traffic Department, and the Income and Sales Tax Department.

Customs duties on auto parts:

The tax on all imported car parts is estimated at 20%, which may lead to a higher price of car parts than the original amount. The tax price also varies according to the car’s year of production, whether it is new or old.

How to find out car customs in Jordan electronically

– Initially, the user enters the Jordan Customs website, as it is the official website approved by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and this website has been implemented to save time for people and reduce the effort they make in the customs account for each car.

– When entering the site, the main page opens in front of us, and we choose one of the three options presented, which are either to inquire about the value of the car, to inquire according to the chassis number, or to inquire according to the type of car.

– After clicking on the desired option, its automatically transferred to the page of that choice, until you enter data required, including the car category, its type, and the country of origin.

– Next to each data statement, there are options by clicking on the arrow next to it, such as the category of the car, buses, or trucks, and so on.

– Enter the first 10 digits of the chassis number starting from left to right, knowing that the chassis number consists of 17 digits.

– Then click on “View Item” and then continues until all the details of the type of car appear at Jordan Car Customs

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