Car shipping from Dubai to Saudi Arabia

Car shipping from Dubai to Saudi Arabia is considered one of the most important requirements for customers coming to Dubai or the UAE, because the UAE provides a global market for new or used cars at reasonable prices for everyone, so we have dedicated this article to you to talk about matters related to car shipping to Saudi Arabia and how to transport and clear them in the Saudi borders through Al-Batha border Or through seaports, for example, Islamic Port of Jeddah and the Port of Dammam.

In principle, care must be taken before purchasing the car to take sufficient information either through the Saudi customs site or through the customs clearance office about the specifications required to enter the car to Saudi Arabia and the permitted year of manufacture, for example, it is not allowed to enter car manufactured more than five years from the current year so it must be noted And to make sure that it complies with Saudi specifications and standards before completing the purchase.

Likewise, what is notified to the customer when purchasing is how to transport and ship the car to Saudi Arabia, so here comes the role of shipping companies in Dubai that provide this service, as expert shipping companies provide this service in the most appropriate and easiest way possible with the diversity of methods used for international transportation.

How we can ship the car from Dubai to Saudi Arabia?

* Shipping via special recovery vehicle: It is available with two types of normal surface suitable for all types of cars and hydraulic surface for sports cars and luxury cars. There is also open and closed surface, and these recoveries are usually used to transfer only one car from door to door, as it is speedy, where it takes The time required to ship a car to Saudi Arabia from two to three days, depending on the city desired to be shipped to in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Al Madinah, Makkah, Qassim, Abha, Hail, Tabuk … and others and according to the customs clearance process at the Saudi Al-Batha border.

*Shipping by car carrier trailer: It is a type of large-sized two-levels surface made specifically for car shipping companies because of its safety and speed in transporting cars in a short time and at relatively low costs.

* Car Shipping by sea freight: Cargo companies provide containers with a capacity of 20 feet and 40 feet to be transported cars through Jebel Ali Port in Dubai to the Islamic Port of Jeddah or to the Port of Dammam or one of the Kingdom’s ports as requested by clients.

Requirements for exporting cars to Saudi Arabia as follows:

  •  An export certificate from the RTA, should write in this certificate “to be shipped by the name of the shipping company that was agreed upon”.
  •  The recipient’s passport copy with the ID card.
  •  An electronic authorization for the customs clearance agent at the Saudi border (Al-Batha).

What to consider when importing cars to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

  •  The Saudi Customs Authority prohibits to import cars with a steering wheel on the right side
  •  The year of manufacturing the car should not exceed five years from the current year.
  • The imported car must comply with the standard car standard in Saudi Arabia.
  •  It is forbidden to import cars that were previously used in other activities such as police cars, ambulances, or Taxi.
  •  It is forbidden to import cars for the purpose of cutting them and selling them after that.

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