Car shipping from Dubai to the UK

Car shipping from Dubai to the UK

Al Fares Cargo Services is one of the car shipping companies in the UAE that meets all your requirements in car shipping from the United Arab Emirates to Britain and the United Kingdom, Al-Fares has provided excellent services in car shipping from Jebel Ali Port in Dubai to UK ports at the lowest costs And also by air freight of cars, including services of ending all procedures required to complete the shipping process and providing effective shipping solutions that meet the needs of customers according to the best standards in addition to auto insurance services throughout the shipping period and ensuring their arrival as quickly as possible.

The process of car shipping from the United Arab Emirates to the United Kingdom is very clear especially when you work with a professional car shipping company that has been working in the shipping field for many years, and helps thousands of individuals to import their cars from Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

The documents required to ship cars from the UAE to the United Kingdom:

Just like when importing any material into the UK there is a set of documents and conditions that must be available to allow entry into the UK of the vehicle.

  • Original address and tax number
  • Tourist Certificate / Export Certificate from the Roads and Transport Authority RTA
  • Bill of landing

However, don’t worry, when you are working with Al Fares, we will help you to prepare all documents at both the departure port in the UAE and the port of entry in the UK.

The most important features of the car shipping service from Dubai to London – the UK via Al-Fares:

  • Al-Fares Follows safe shipping methods for cars during the shipping process.
  • Careful inspection of the vehicle before carrying out the shipping process, along with an explanation of the shipping documents required.
  • Correct coordination of documents, handling operations, and customs clearance operations in the ports of departure and arrival.
  • Correctly and safely car stuffing inside the container.
  • Diversity of shipping options, such as full or combined container shipping or shipping via RORO service.
  • Competitive prices and services to ensure that customers gain confidence and transparency in the pricing process by clarifying all costs incurred in shipping.

Car shipping options from UAE to the UK:

Shipping by the full container:

This system is considered one of the best shipping methods used in car shipping to the UK ports, where Al Fares provides freight services 20 feet and 40 feet containers that fit the sizes and numbers of cars desired to be transported, along with arranging the process of stuffing them inside containers in an accurate and organized manner, ensuring that they are not subjected to scratching or damage During the shipping period, you can also use this method to use the remaining space in the container to ship other things that you want to transport with the car.

Shipping by consolidated containers:

It is considered one of the least expensive ways when several cars are available for shipping to the UK at one time, as the customer’s car is shipped in a part of the container with other cars that are collected from several customers to reduce and distribute the costs and expenses of shipping, but sometimes some special expenses clearance in the destination is relatively higher than the FCL freight.

Shipping cars via RORO:

The term Ro-Ro is an abbreviation of Roll-on / Roll-off, which means rolling ships. This type of ship is used to transport vehicles of various types where ships are equipped with equipment that allows driving these vehicles to and from the ship by its wheels or using other means of transport entered through gates They are often located at the stern of the ship and these gates can be either in front or side allowing for rapid loading and unloading using hydraulic ladders to facilitate transport movement, and the arrival time is often longer than shipping through containers.

Car shipping from UAE by Air Cargo:

Despite the high cost of this method, it is required for its speed, effectiveness, and suitability to the customer’s special circumstances and the limited time it has, and Al-Fares has provided the special service to receive the car from the customer’s door and make the required reservations and complete the shipping process professionally until reaching the United Kingdom.

For any inquiries about car shipping service from Dubai and the Emirates to the UK, do not hesitate to contact us through our website or via customer service to request quotes and know the costs of car shipping!

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