Car shipping from UAE to Jordan

Car shipping from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE to the Kingdom of Jordan is considered one of the most important primary destinations for Al Fares Cargo in order to meet the daily needs and requirements of customers in shipping their personal cars for a certain period and then return them to the UAE in addition to shipping cars for export and registration in Jordan due to the situation Excellent cars and competitive prices in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, where a global market is available to sell new and used cars, so we have dedicated this article to you to talk about everything that includes shipping car from the UAE to Jordan and the procedures related to that and the documents are required.

The documents required to ship car from UAE to Jordan for a tourist period:

  • A tourist travel certificate from RTA (mentioning that it is shipped by Al-Fares Cargo Service and Clearance LLC)
  •  Trip Ticket book from the Automobile Club ( IATC )
  •  Original ownership card of the car.
  •  Copy of the passport and residency of the owner, along with a copy of the Emirates ID and a copy of the driver’s license.
  •  Copy of Jordanian identity.

Car should be registered and licensed and do not carry export plates and provide a valid international passbook (trip ticket) valid.

Driver can drive the car with a Jordanian driver’s license or driver’s license from the country of the car.

What is required to ship car from the UAE to Jordan for export purpose?

  • An export certificate from RTA (mentioning that it is shipped by Al-Fares Cargo Service and Clearance LLC)
  • Passport copy – ID copy of the recipient.

And one of the most important conditions for receiving the car from customs in the dry port (Al Zarqa free zone ) if the transport is by road freight that car owner should receive the car by himself or by an authorized person, and the same also if it’s shipped to Aqaba port through sea freight.

Terms and conditions for granting vehicles temporary entry in Jordan:

Foreign cars temporarily can enter for a period of three months and renew for another period of five months when the conditions mentioned in the instructions are met.

Car shipping from Dubai and the UAE to Jordan, Amman:

The best car shipping companies in Dubai are those who have the experience, accuracy, and quality in shipping cars and in customer service, such as receiving the private car from your site in the Emirates and transporting it quickly on time, whether through land freight with car carriers of cars to Amman tow way back and forth or to ِAl Zarqa Free Zone in cases of final export and termination of all customs transactions and required permits within the borders in addition to providing sea freight services from Jebel Ali Port to Aqaba Port in Jordan with different containers and termination of required reservations with The shipping lines and customs clearance procedures at the port with ease.

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