Wholesale Markets In Dubai
The wholesale markets in Dubai are strategically and vital in the continuation of the trade exchange movement by merging all categories of these markets. The wholesale trade in Dubai opens to us many markets associated with all activities that enhance the ability of institutions and companies to set... More
Dragon Mart in Dubai
The Chinese market in Dubai - the Dragon Market - is one of the largest and most important commercial markets in Dubai, and one of the most important commercial supply areas in the Arabian Gulf, located on Hatta – Amman road. It contains many Chinese products characterized by competitive price and u... More
Shipping from Dubai to London | UK
Al Fares Cargo Services offers comprehensive cargo service from Dubai and Abu Dhabi To London and UK, AL Fares also specialized in shipping furniture, personal effects from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and all UAE cities to most cities in Britain and Ireland. London, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh... More
Shipping from Italy to Dubai
Al Fares Cargo offers shipping services from Italy to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, as well as excellent services in the field of global and international shipping from Europe in general to the UAE. To meet your needs and desires, we have been able to link and connect Italian cities (Milan, Ro... More
Shipping companies from China to UAE
China is an international Factory for the world, from China and from the factory directly, AlFares Cargo Services company provides you with a wide variety of import and export services from China, from Providing special information about cities and companies specialized in each commercial commodity,... More
Moving Vehicles or Car Shipping across Countries can be a tricky process. This requires careful handling, lashing and crating as required. Our Professional operations are well equipped to handle any kind of vehicle packing and lashing requirements. One of the biggest points in consideration whil... More
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