Maersk Line
Maersk Line is considered one of the largest shipping lines around the world, as it connects all ports on almost every continent. Maersk Line was founded in 1904 in Denmark, and today we find the company’s ships sailing under the flags of many countries such as Denmark, Singapore, and China. Maer... More
How do I book a container by sea freight
Sea freight is still the most common means of international transport, as up to 80% of goods are transported internationally by using sea transport ships, by using containers that are loaded on those ships. To reserve a container for sea freight, some simple steps must be followed, and we must kn... More
Car shipping door to door
If you have never shipped your car before, deciding on the best mode of transportation can be overwhelming, so convenience should be your top priority, but you should also make sure that your car reaches the desired destination safely and within the budget, you have previously set For the cost of ca... More
What is the role of the car carrier?
Before you get a transportation service for your car, you must know what a car carrier is, as the task of a car carrier is to transport your car from one place to another by using different car transport trucks. In the auto transportation industry, you will find two types of companies, one is the... More
CMA CGM line plays an important role in international trade, so wherever your goods come from or go to, you find the CMA CGM line where the group is present around the world in many countries, offering its international expertise in many transactions, whether it is marine solutions land, air, or log... More
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