Shipping From Turkey To The GCC
Shipping from Turkey to the GCC Due to the great diversity of Turkish products, which enjoy the quality of the materials and raw materials used and the competitive prices, which made importing from Turkey for many Turkish materials and products a destination for importers in the Gulf countries, in ... More
Cargo Village in Dubai
Dubai is one of the three most important export and re-export centers in the world, that's because of its distinguished growth and development on a global level. Being the strategic gateway between East and West and between developed and emerging markets, Dubai's global trade opportunities are large... More
Shipping from Kuwait to the UAE
Due to commercial and tourism transactions, recreational and study visits, and family visits between Kuwait and the Emirates, many people seek to search for the best ways to ship their goods, personal belongings, and cars from Kuwait in all its cities to the Emirates. Land freight and we will review... More
Duties of a customs broker in Dubai
If anyone wants to import certain types of goods, products, or cars from outside the country, whether from a nearby or far country or otherwise wants to export any of the locally available products and merchandise outside the UAE, he needs to do the special procedures Customs clearance of these good... More
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