Entering the car into Turkey (terms and conditions)

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Entering the car into Turkey (terms and conditions)

There are many reasons for which investors or foreigners residing in Turkey seek to bring their own cars into Turkey, whether the entry is temporary or permanent, so we will shed light on an overview of how to enter cars into Turkey and the conditions associated with this matter and methods of entry, all of which you will find in the following lines.

Types of car entry into Turkey:

temporary entry:

It is one of the cases that are dealt with by people wishing to benefit from Turkish laws, which allow them to bring their cars into Turkey temporarily.

This is because Turkish laws allow the entry of cars temporarily for a period of two years, after which the owner of that car must take his car outside Turkey, as the period of stay is not extended more than two years except in exceptional cases, as happens in periods of crises and total closure, as happened during the Corona period, where an extension is requested for an additional period of six months.

permanent entry:

Permanent entry is done when the car is imported from abroad and entered Turkish territory, where licenses are obtained for its permanent entry and stay in Turkey and demarcated permanently and systematically.

Ways to temporarily enter cars into Turkey:

Cars for tourism or residence with the plates of their country of origin are entered into Turkish territory in one of two main ways, whether by land entry or by sea shipping.

1- Entering the car to Turkey via sea freight:

After preparing all the papers related to the temporary entry of the car by sea, the owner of the car must make a power of attorney for a customs broker accredited by the Turkish customs and document that agency with a notary.

The costs of bringing the car across the sea consist of agency costs in addition to the cost of customs clearance of the car plus the floor and other expenses unless the car is delayed inside the port for any reason longer than the usual period.

2- Entering the car into Turkey by land:

The procedures for entering cars through land crossings are simple, after completing all the required papers, as the car owner can complete the process of entering the car without the help of a customs broker, as is done in sea freight.

The costs of entering the vehicle through the land route are much lower than the cost of the maritime entry through the port, and this is due to the absence of additional costs such as those that are paid in such as logistics and flooring costs.

Papers required to enter cars into Turkey temporarily:

  • A copy of the car owner’s passport with a copy of the last entry or exit stamp from or to Turkey
  •  A copy of the personal identity of the owner of the car or a copy of his residence.
  • The Turkish identity of the owner of the car or his residence permit in Turkish territory.
  • Car license in his country.
  • International car insurance, if available, and if not, the car is insured in Turkey.
  • Car shipping documents.
  • Power of attorney for the customs broker in Turkey.
  • Traffic plates of the foreign car.
  • A temporary laissez-passer valid for 15 days.
  • A document proving ownership of the vehicle and its registration in its home country.

Conditions for entering cars into Turkey:

Conditions that the owner of the car must meet:

Those conditions are:

– That the owner of the car holds the nationality or residence of the country from which he will bring the car.

– The owner of the car must have a residence permit in Turkey or hold Turkish citizenship.

Conditions that the car must meet:

The conditions that must be met in the cars required to be entered for a period of two years, i.e., temporarily to Turkey, are:

– To have a valid vehicle license.

– The license must be in the name of the vehicle owner.

– To have international insurance for the car.

– Cars are inspected at the car inspection station, and an inspection report is obtained and submitted with the rest of the papers to the traffic registration office.

Conditions for importing a car into Turkey from abroad for permanent entry:

  • The car must be completely new (zero), and it is not allowed to import used cars.
  • The car must be of the same model as the year in which the car will be entered Turkey.
  • The car owner must pay the taxes imposed on new cars according to the car tax system in Turkey, and the tax is calculated according to the type and model of the car and depending on the number and capacity of the engine cylinders.
  • In some cases, customs require the approval of the exclusive agent for the same car brand in Turkey.
  • Can all these procedures be done through an authorized person?

Yes, it is possible, and there is no need for personal attendance. The agent is required to present the above-mentioned documents along with the following document:

An official power of attorney issued by the Turkey consulate in the car country, translated and certified, or the authorization procedure in the Turkish Notre Department.

Important information about the entry of foreign cars into Turkey:

  • The person who wants to take his car with him to Turkey must have spent 180 days outside Turkey.
  • Customs registration is free.
  • The wife and children of the car owner can use it, and a copy of the population registry and passport must be submitted to clarify the relationship between the users of the foreign car and car owner.
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