How to make an E-Authorization for the customs broker via the Fasah platform

The Fasah platform for electronic authorization is one of the largest and most important platforms concerned with customs clearance when shipping to Saudi Arabia. It was issued by the Saudi Customs Authority to save time in completing customs procedures for individuals and companies. The platform also provides many customs and shipping services, which reach more than 135 services, where All customs and shipping procedures, as well as import and export are implemented completely electronically, which has facilitated dealing through international trade.

In the beginning, before making an electronic authorization for the broker, we must make a registration on the platform as importers or exporters, and this is done through a few steps.

How to register on Fasah platform:

– At first, the Fasah platform is entered through the following link:

Then click on login, followed by a click on the register.

– A screen appears that requires us to record a set of data on different pages, which we mention as follows:

• The first page is for the verification data, in which the type of activity is specified, and here it is specified as an importer or exporter or both as we want, then we complete the rest of the data that consists of, specifying the type of entity, commercial registration number, delegate ID number, mobile number, date of birth, activity Customs, whether import or export or both, nationality (where a foreigner is allowed to import only one car), country of residence, city, importer’s activity, identity expiry date, and finally the verification code in order to prove that the person who registers on the site is an actual person and not a robot.

The next page, “Authorization”, records the authentication number of the importer and the addressee.

• The next page “Data Update”, in which the authentication data is recorded, which includes the identity verification number sent to you as a message on your mobile phone, then your address and e-mail, finally we choose to acknowledge the validity of the information entered.

• The next page “User Data”, in the first box is the verification code for the e-mail that was sent to you through your e-mail, then a name for the user to enter the site in English, the password, and finally agreeing to the terms and conditions of the platform, then we press send

• At the end, a message appears confirming the receipt of your registration request through the platform management, which tells you that you will be contacted to activate your account

• With this, the registration has been completed and we go to the main page to log into the platform using the previously defined username and password

• To make sure that your account has been activated correctly, click on your name at the top of the page after logging in. If a drop-down list appears under your name, it means that it has been properly authenticated. Otherwise, contact technical support to identify the reasons for non-authentication and resolve any problem.

– Of course, if you are a customs broker, you can register on the platform as a customs broker selected in the “Type of Activity” field on the verification page at the beginning of registration on the platform.

E-Authorization for the clearing agent

It is a service for the importer or exporter that allows him to authorize one of the customs brokers at the customs port he wants, to follow up and end all customs procedures on his behalf, and he can specify in the authorization whether it is for importing only or exporting only or both, and the importer can also specify Or the exporter has the authority to use the customs broker, whether it is for one time or several times.

How to make an electronic power of attorney for the customs broker on Fasah platform:

– First, log in to Fasah with your username and password

Then, click on the “Authorization” option at the bottom of the screen to the right

– A page opens with the option to create an authorization for a loyalist, this option is pressed

– The next page is to add the broker’s data by specifying each of the negotiating customs for which the customs procedures are required, the type of license we specify “customs broker”, and finally the license number of the broker we are dealing with, then we click on the broker’s data

– After that, the data of the broker opens before us, and we find that the name of the broker appears to us as he is one of those registered on the platform, we specify the type of authorization, whether import or export or both, and then we decide the validity of the authorization if it is for one time or several times if you are going to ship and import a commercial shipment or Personal or cars, and we note here that if we select several times, it asks us to specify the start and end date of the authorization, then press send.

– You will receive a verification code on your mobile phone, enter it and click Verify

– In the end, a message appears that “the authorization number has been issued….” Take a screenshot and send the photo with the number to the customs broker you specified to know the authorization number you made

Thus, an electronic power of attorney or authorization was made for the customs broker through the Fasah platform, which facilitated many procedures and hardships for the importer or exporter when shipping to and from Saudi Arabia.

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