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We are one of the leading freights forwarding companies in Dubai and the UAE, as well as shipping and packing factories, restaurants, companies and projects from Dubai and the Gulf region. We have provided advanced and professional services in the packaging of shipments, furniture and personal belongings to suit the requirements of our clients in terms of quality of service, cost and time, due to your frequent needs for shipping and transporting home furniture and other purposes from Dubai and UAE to cities abroad.

We have provided this service with excellence over many years of experience, from receiving home furniture till delivery at your destination wherever it is worldwide. The furniture packaging service is one of the most important steps in the process of furniture transport, and the most in need of high professionalism, it is a key component of the safety of the shipments and overall success of the process.

And so forth, Al Fares Cargo Services provides a highly professional team, that is fully aware of the different protection methods of furniture. On the other hand, the company relies in its policy of preservation of objects on the variety of methods and materials used in the packaging of furniture and personal purposes that suits them perfectly, and that includes: Wooden boxes made of double-face corrugated board with multiple sizes, cardboard of different thickness, as well as packaging paper for wooden furniture, corrugated paper, plastic packaging and filler materials such as fiber, sponge and air bubbles.

Al Fares Company is considered a leader in shipping and moving home furniture from the UAE to various countries around the world, devising the best ways to dismantle, wrap, and pack household, hotel and office furniture with all the care and professionalism needed from door to door, we guarantee the safety of movables and the complete protection of all contents and till delivered safely, god willing.

Important services offered by Al-Fares Cargo in the packaging services:

  • Offering the best services of dismantling and installation of all types of home furniture, hotel furniture, companies’ facilities and all kinds of electrical appliances, Najaf, curtains, air conditioners and other devices. We also pack furniture, antiques, glassware, in addition to packing household items from bedroom, kitchen and dining items with the finest packaging materials.
  • The variety of methods and materials used in the packaging process that helps in the maintenance of shipments containing furniture, household appliances, electrical appliances, electronic equipment and other items.
  • A multi lingual professional staff, with wide experience in handling hard situations and working under pressure, online throughout the week to seek customer satisfaction.
  • Always striving to achieve customers desire in providing services with the lowest costs and time possible.
  • Providing the shipping service internationally after the packaging process, with superior privileges, including maximum cargo insurance, quick delivery and mitigation of customers with the termination of all papers related to transport and clearance.
  • offering temporary storage for furniture or other items.
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