Parcel shipping service in Dubai

The parcel shipping process is the most suitable and convenient shipping option and one of the quick and safe solutions for the delivery of belongings and simple parcels between companies and individuals to and from outside the United Arab Emirates.

From the door of customer or from AlFares company’s headquarters to the receiver door through a wide network of global agents and appropriate fees, and parcel shipping service allows customers to send and track their shipments such as gifts, equipment, electronic devices, and personal belongings to different countries of the world and gives them the possibility to send Large or heavy parcels at competitive prices while ensuring fast delivery.

The most important conditions to be followed when sending a parcel from Dubai and the UAE abroad:

  •  Fill in the bill of lading with all the required data accurately and ensure that it is correct with a clear and readable line.
  • No minimum weight is required for the package, but it is important to adhere to the maximum allowed, according to the country to which it is sent.
  •  There are specific dimensions for each package or dispatch box that must be adhered to and not exceeded.
  •  It is important to know that the shipping cost is calculating by the actual weight and volumetric weight of the shipment, whichever is more.
  • It is not allowed to send dangerous flammable materials such as perfumes, batteries or magnetic tools inside the parcel.
  •  In case that the parcels contain susceptible materials, a mark or stickers indicating this must be put in order to avoid exposing them to breakage or damage.
  •  When the parcel is delivered to the addressee in the destination, it may result in some customs fees depending on the contents of the parcel.
  • It is necessary to provide a detailed packing statement on the contents of the sent package.

How to track postal parcels after they are delivered to the shipping company?

The process of tracking parcels is important, as the sender gets a tracking number for this parcel registered on a waybill. Through this number, all of your parcel movements across countries can be monitored easily and conveniently through the website, and a notification is sent to the sender when parcel delivered to the intended destination.

The arrival of postal parcels to the postal processing center:

This situation appears when the parcel reaches the intended destination, it passes through the postal processing center in that country, which in turn passes and sends the parcel to the sub-post center located in the city listed on the parcel to be delivered to the address of the recipient or to his mailbox.

Types of parcel delivery service with Al Fares Cargo Service:

1- Premium express services:

The Premium express shipping service enables you to send your urgent shipments to different countries of the world and have priority in flights and delivery, in which parcels are sent quickly and the customs clearance process is carried out in order to arrive at the required time to any destination in the world.

Despite the high cost of shipping through this method compared to the economic service, it is preferred by many customers because it is fast and meets the fast logistics requirements.

2- Economic express shipping services:

Al Fares provides fast economic shipping service for non-urgent parcels and it is a delivery service at a specific time that allows the mailer to ship and send parcels to all parts of the world at an economic cost compared to the Premium express shipping service.

For more information or for any inquiries about the parcel shipping service from Dubai and the Emirates and to it, please do not hesitate to contact us through our website or through customer service!

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