Shipping Companies In Sharjah

The Emirate of Sharjah has long been known for its trade and export to many countries and it has worked to improve the export market for many materials and products, so the role of shipping companies in Sharjah has become clear in providing facilities to importers and exporters from Sharjah and the UAE in general.

These companies have provided advanced shipping solutions to suit customers’ requirements, whether personal or commercial shipments and providing safe packaging service to ensure that the shipments arrive at the intended destination properly.

Al Fares Cargo Service in Sharjah and the UAE provides distinguished services in freight forwarding and logistics, and it has a role in facilitating freight operations for importers and exporters by carrying out integrated freight services for various goods, products, and shipments, and providing customs clearance service with the necessary documents to conduct shipping operations from Sharjah to the world.

The tasks of shipping companies in Sharjah:

The tasks of shipping companies in Sharjah are prominent in facilitating import and export from the Emirates and Sharjah, and making the shipping process from Sharjah easy, and providing integrated shipping solutions for various shipments from Sharjah and the UAE to the world. Al-Fares International Shipping by Its direct relationships with global shipping lines and international airlines provide the best services to customers at the lowest costs.

Air Cargo from Sharjah:

The shipping companies in Sharjah provide air cargo service for small and large shipments, as air shipping is the fastest compared to other shipping methods to deliver shipments and support the supply chain in an organized manner.

Air freight is also suitable for perishable items, such as foods and medical products.

Why Al Fares Cargo Services in Air Cargo from Sharjah?

Through the experience of Al-Fares Cargo in the management of air freight operations, it was able to conclude agreements with international airlines to transport goods and cargo in line with international standards followed in delivering the shipment in the shortest time and at the lowest cost.

The Al-Fares also provided shipping options from door to door, or from door to airport at the intended destination where the Al Fares team would receive the shipments from the customer’s headquarters and deliver them to the recipient’s door at the destination.

Al Fares Cargo also collecting shipments within its warehouse or storing them according to the client’s request and providing the necessary documents for exporting shipments and customs clearance.

Sea Cargo from Sharjah:

Marine shipping in Sharjah and the UAE is considered an important and safe shipping solution for what meets the need of the export market in a large and inexpensive way, as it is shipping through custom marine containers of multiple sizes and shapes to ship goods, equipment, machinery, cars, and personal furniture through Sharjah port and the UAE ports to the world.

Why Al Fares Cargo Service in Sea freight from Sharjah?

As one of the shipping companies in Sharjah and the Emirates, Al Fares Cargo Company provides containers of different sizes and shapes in proportion to the type, size and weight of shipments within a competitive framework that guarantees to obtain the best offers.

And with the experience and professionalism of Al-Fares and the distinguished relations with the international shipping lines in the various ports of the Arab countries, African countries and European countries, Al Faris has provided a distinctive electronic system in receiving shipments from factories and companies in Sharjah as well as individuals with professional follow-up to the shipping stages until reaching The intended destination and the ability to track the shipment’s path by the customer until its arrival within a specific timetable.

Road Transportation from Sharjah:

The road freight operation from Sharjah is characterized by efficiency in meeting customers’ requirements and their logistical supply in addition to easy direct access to receiving points and delivery of shipments through various types of light, heavy and refrigerated trucks, depending on the nature of the transported cargo in addition to the car carriers that load cars Safely and transported across borders.

Types of light and heavy trucks available:

3 tons, 5 tons, 7 tons, 10 tons, 25 tons, 12.5 meters, 13.6 meters, 15 meters, 18 meters, and they are all available with multiple specifications such as fully closed, refrigerated, open-top and open sides, in addition to heavy and abnormal truckloads ( Lloyd), which has a load capacity of 30 to 90 tons.

Why Al-Fares for land freight from Sharjah?

Al Fares Cargo with its fleet and its professional drivers and the operations team has the best freight and land transport services in a way that ensures the progress of the shipping and supply process at the lowest costs, there is no need to worry about the road freight process because we will take care of the delivery of cargo and shipments smoothly wherever The destination was in the Gulf countries, the Middle East and North Africa.

Al Fares for road freight cover Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Sultanate of Oman, Bahrain, Yemen, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt in commercial and personal shipping in addition to transporting large projects and car shipping service from Sharjah as well as shipping international exhibitions.

Al Fares Cargo Service seeks to be the first choice for customers in providing shipping service from Sharjah to meet the logistical needs of customers in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the Arab Gulf region and the Middle East.

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