Shipping excess weight and baggage from Europe to the UAE

Shipping excess weight and baggage from Europe to the UAE

Are you wondering how you can travel with the extra weight and the many purchases from Europe to the UAE? Are you shocked by the prices offered for sending excess baggage through airlines in Europe?

Airlines usually change their baggage allowance policies on a regular basis, which can be confusing for many travelers from Europe, that’s why we have provided the service of shipping excess baggage, bags, and bags from Europe within an efficient and comfortable economy service.

Al Fares Cargo Services can help you access the cheapest and most reliable shipping service that enables you to send your bags and purchases from Europe to the UAE at an economical price.

How can the extra weight and bags be shipped from Europe to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE?

Al Fares Cargo Services provides the service of shipping luggage, travel bags, and excess weight for travelers from Europe to the UAE via air freight, where the importance of the luggage and excess weight shipping service is highlighted in being a great savings in costs and comfort for travelers during their travels, starting from receiving bags and luggage from your residence In the cities of Europe and even delivered in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and the cities of the Emirates, whether from door to door or from door to the airport according to your desire.

Al Fares International Cargo covers many countries and cities in Europe, whether from Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Portugal, Greece, and other European countries.

The advantages of our service of shipping excess weight from Europe to the UAE:

  • Door to door shipping service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and all Emirates cities.
  • The possibility of tracking your bags and shipments sent while they are moving to their destination in the UAE at any time.
  • Daily flights from most of the airports and cities of Europe to the Emirates.
  • We rely on air freight for bags, luggage, and excess weight, provided that the shipment on the first flight to the UAE is carried out correctly and safely, which ensures fast delivery.

It is worth noting that when shipping, attention should be paid to comparing the actual combined weight of the bags with their volumetric weight, which is a simple calculation process that we can help with when inquiring about shipping costs, and we often advise our customers to reduce the size as much as possible compared to the weight when shipping.

You can request a free quote for your overweight shipment by simply clicking on “Request a Quote” through our website or through customer service.

For more information about shipping excess weight and baggage from Europe to the UAE, do not hesitate to contact us, our cooperative staff is ready to help and advice.

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