Shipping From Dubai To Albania

Albania is one of the countries of the Balkan region and is in southeast Europe overlooking the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea inside the Mediterranean Sea. The port of Durres located in Durres city, and it is the largest seaport in Albania and the second-largest industrial center in the country.

Al Fares Cargo Service provides as one of the shipping companies from Dubai to Albania integrated shipping services that meet the requirements of customers in shipping from the UAE to Albania, as we always work to make our services accessible to everyone in terms of fast service, safe delivery, competitive prices and quality in service, we put the safety of your shipments And its arrival in the specified period is at the top of our interests in Al-Fares, and this supports our close dealings with airlines and international shipping lines while providing the best options available in shipping that suit the size and quantity of shipments and the specific time plan for their arrival.

Al Fares provides shipping services for goods and materials of all kinds, in addition to the personal shipping service for personal luggage and extra weight via air freight from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah to Tirana Airport. We also provide shipping service for small parcels starting from 30 kilometers to all regions in Albania, besides, We also provide commercial shipping services in addition to sea freight services for many materials, as well as car shipping service to Albania.

Our customers need to estimate the shipping costs and the arrival time of the shipment from Dubai to Albania, to fill out the request for quotation on the Al Fares website, by knowing the dimensions of the shipment, its type, number, shipments weight, and the point of receipt and delivery, we can respond quickly to the expected cost of shipment.

We at Al Fares Cargo Services strive to fulfill the logistical requirements and desires of customers from the UAE to Albania by providing warehouses and vehicles to transport and receive shipments from all cities in the UAE and end all the procedures required for shipping, which makes the shipping process easy, safe and fast, and we are keen to provide a highly competitive cost and offer an integrated and advanced shipping system.

Advantages of shipping from the UAE to Albania by Al-Fares

  • Receipt and delivery of goods from the door in Dubai to the port of Durres in Albania or Tirana airport.
  • Providing consolidating shipments service through sea freight from Dubai and the UAE to Albania.
  • Providing express air freight solutions from Dubai and Abu Dhabi to Albania.
  • Excess baggage service and personal belongings from door to airport in Tirana or door to door via air freight.
  • Providing competitive price offers in the service of shipping full containers of various sizes for all types of goods and materials, in addition to refrigerated containers as well.
  • Providing car shipping service from Dubai and the UAE to Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro, either personally or commercially, via sea freight from Dubai ports.
  • Ability to prepare all documents required to complete the shipment and customs procedures in Albania.
  • Speed in completing shipping operations to meet customer requirements.
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