Shipping from Dubai to Ivory Coast

Shipping from Dubai to Ivory Coast

Abidjan is the financial capital of the Ivory Coast and the fifth largest city in Africa. This vibrant city has a spirit of modernity and is a popular destination for both businessmen and tourists alike. 

Dubai has become one of the most preferred trading partners for Africa and especially for a wonderful country like Abidjan. With great seasonal offers for shoppers, people from Abidjan and Ivory Coast are finding it better to get the same high-quality stuff at a cheaper rate than in Dubai.

The list of the most prominent shipments to the Ivory Coast includes electronic devices, electrical equipment, auto parts, building equipment and materials, and pharmaceutical and health products. Exports from Côte d’Ivoire mainly include perishable products such as fresh and frozen fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood, as well as plants, machinery, machinery, and tools.

And when you think of shipping services to Ivory Coast, you need to think of a reliable and reasonable shipment as well, which makes Al Fares Cargo one of the best shipping companies that provide that service as it offers many shipping solutions and logistics services to reach the best possible satisfaction for the customer to carry out his shipments, whether by sea or air freight to Ivory Coast.

Sea freight from Dubai to Ivory Coast

Al Fares as a Shipping Company is distinguished by providing many links with the most important shipping lines, including of course those through which goods are shipped and transported from Dubai to the Ivory Coast. Sea freight services are carried out from the customer’s door until the shipment arrives at the port of Abidjan in Ivory Coast through several steps:

– Al Fares receives the shipment from the customer’s door, where it is processed and transported via trucks to the company’s warehouse to complete the collection of shipments or to the Jebel Ali port in Dubai.

– All customs procedures and related papers are carried out by a team of distinguished specialists in the shipping and clearing department of Al-Fares Shipping Company.

– Al-Fares cargo service provides shipping services for goods,  all kinds of materials, and cars through containers of different sizes, and also provides refrigerated containers.

– Goods, materials, or cars are placed in containers from Jebel Ali port to the port of Abidjan in Ivory Coast via international shipping lines.

– Of course, the transportation of heavy equipment and vehicles requires the RORO method of shipping through sea freight, as the huge equipment is placed directly on the ships to transport it from Jebel Ali port to the port of Abidjan.

Airfreight from Dubai to Ivory Coast

Al Fares Cargo Services is distinguished by providing many air freight services, including, of course, express air freight solutions from Dubai to Ivory Coast, through which the shipment arrives within a few days to Abidjan Airport. Of course, air freight also takes place in several stages:

– Al-Fares receives the shipment from the customer’s door in Dubai, and it is prepared and inspects its packaging before shipment.

– The shipments are transported through the company’s trucks to Dubai International Airport

– Al-Fares performs all types of export procedures from Dubai Airport.

– For the plane loaded with cargo to depart directly to Abidjan International Airport to be received and customs clearance.

Procedures and conditions for personal air freight to Ivory Coast

If the shipment is personal, any products for personal use, used clothes, or any used products, then dealing with it is as a personal shipment and is not usually subject to difficult customs procedures, but it is stipulated that the shipment does not contain any dates that violate the laws of air freight, such as liquid materials – recyclable materials Flammable – batteries, jewelry, or counterfeit brands of major companies.

Procedures and conditions for commercial air freight to Ivory Coast

If the shipment is commercial, it is required that the shipments be provided with original invoices from the source in addition to the packing list and the certificate of origin, where the shipment is received and prepared in Al Fares Air Cargo warehouses, documents are processed, and the date of shipment and delivery to the customer is determined in the agreed area.

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