Shipping from Dubai to Oman

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Al Fares Cargo Services always strives to achieve customer satisfaction in service, safety, Quick service with competitive rates because the confidence of our customers is a success for us and is our motto in AlFares Cargo Services We seek to be your best choice to meet your shipping requests from the United Arab Emirates to all cities in Oman.

Shipping routes from Dubai to Oman:

Air freight from Dubai to Muscat:

  • Air Freight is the fastest and most reliable freight forwarding company in the Middle East.
  • Features of Al-Fares Air Cargo Services from Dubai to Oman:
  • skilled staff in completing the procedures and documents required when shipping or receiving goods.
  • Selection of airlines and appropriate flights for the transport of goods in the shortest time.
  • Packing, repackaging, and transporting goods
  • Freight insurance service according to customer requirements.

Shipping from Dubai to Oman by Sea:

Maritime shipping is the linchpin of the global economy and we can imagine that without shipping, we will be unable to complete business transactions between different continents of the world, as Dubai is a global trading center in the Gulf region and a point of contact between Asia and the Middle East and Africa.

Al Fares offers the best shipping services through full containers of all sizes and types or bulk shipments. Al Fares provides regular shipping services from Jebel Ali Port in Dubai to all ports of the Sultanate of Oman.

The advantages offered by Al-Fares Company in shipping to Oman:

  • Facilitate the process of international trade between the UAE and Oman
  • Think about the best ways in which goods can be shipped and delivered whether they are complete or partial.
  • skill in completing the procedures and documents required when shipping the goods as well as customs clearance.
  • vehicles shipping services from Dubai to Oman, Muscat and Omani cities.
  • Frequent flight schedules, arrival dates and commitment to shippers with these dates as well as prices and routes regardless of the quantities of goods shipped.
  • Possibility of shipping to Sultan Qaboos Port, Sohar Port, Salalah Port, Duqm Port as requested by the customer.

Land Freight from Dubai to Oman:

Al-Fares offers freight forwarding services through land freight from the UAE to all the cities of Oman from door to door by providing a variety of trucks of different levels and providing insurance services on land shipments and special services for government sectors, companies and mega projects.

The main features and services offered by Al-Fares through land freight to Oman:

  • A huge fleet of trucks helps to transport goods with ease.
  • Packaging services for furniture and home furnishings.
  • vehicles shipping service from Dubai to Oman.
  • Packaging goods from furniture or other purpose in a distinctive way makes the goods secure until access.
  • Precise dates are our goal. Delays in the arrival of any objects are rarely delayed.
  • Pursuit of highly customer short distances, reduce time and keep products at the lowest cost.
  • Provide transportation service at the lowest prices for all types of products, whether you need to transport refrigerated, where we have refrigerators and refrigerated trucks that maintain tons of kilograms of vegetables, fruits and meat all at the lowest costs.

Areas of service covered by Al-Fares in shipping from Dubai to Oman:

Al Fares covers a wide range of Oman, including: Muscat, Salalah, Sohar, Nizwa, Buraimi, Seeb and many other areas and cities in Oman.

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