Shipping From Dubai To Serbia

Al Fares provides cargo services from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the United Arab Emirates to Belgrade and Serbia and the Balkans according to the principle of providing our customers in the Gulf countries and the Middle East and North Africa with shipping solutions appropriate to their logistical needs, whether they are individuals or companies via air freight and sea freight.

Where Al Fares operates cargo operations from Dubai and the UAE to Serbia and Croatia and the Balkans in general through our airlines and sea networks by providing a set of integrated services for personal shipping such as home furniture shipping and excess baggage and car shipping from Dubai to Serbia and many cities in Balkans, in addition to providing commercial container shipping services from Dubai to Serbia, and vice versa, in order to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction with us.

We guarantee you to do the shipping process efficiently, effectively and quickly through the lowest possible cost in pursuit of a competitive supply chain that supports your business.

Air Cargo service from Dubai to Serbia:

As part of our comprehensive program to provide and support cargo services to Belgrade, Serbia, and the Balkan countries, we have dedicated service linking all cities in the UAE and the Gulf region with Serbia and the Balkan cities, where we provide links with the most important shipping lines and international airlines, our team helps Specialized work in the air and sea freight, with experience in various types of shipments, to provide the necessary assistance to customers in transporting cargo wherever and to all destinations.

In Al-Fares, we always strive in our logistic services to provide the best solutions for freight forwarding, customs clearance and all that it completes in packaging and warehousing operations, preparing the necessary documents for shipping and exporting and providing insurance services for shipments, all within the framework of competitive cost.

Advantages of shipping service from Dubai to Serbia via Al Fares Cargo:

  •  Providing sea freight services from Dubai and the UAE to Serbia via the nearest ports at the lowest costs.
  •  Providing fast air cargo solutions from Dubai and Abu Dhabi to Belgrade and Serbia and vice versa.
  •  Excess baggage, personal effects and extra weight from door to airport or door to door via air freight.
  •  Providing complete containers of all sizes for all types of materials in addition to reefer containers as well.
  • Providing car shipping services from Dubai to Serbia and Croatia and most cities in the Balkan countries, whether personally or commercially, through sea freight from Dubai ports.
  •  The possibility of preparing all the documents required to complete shipping and customs procedures in Serbia.
  • Speedy completing shipping operations in order to achieve customer requirements.
  •  The possibility of shipping all sizes and weights through the service of grouping shipments in the company’s warehouses via sea freight or air freight.

We at Al Fares cargo Service are always striving to expand our services according to the needs of customers in shipping from Dubai to Serbia and the Balkan countries.

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