Shipping from Dubai to Tunisia

Shipping from Dubai to Tunisia

Al-Fares provides shipping services from Dubai and the UAE to Tunisia and the Arab Maghreb countries, where our services have diversified and renewed according to the desires and requirements of our customers.

Al Fares Cargo offers distinctive shipping and transportation services for personal or commercial shipments or even car shipping through many shipping methods from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and all cities of the United Arab Emirates to Tunisia.

Sea freight from Dubai to Tunisia

As Dubai is a global trade center and a point of contact between Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, it has made sea freight services an important logistical need through which it provides supplies of goods and commodities required quickly and at competitive prices to many countries of the Maghreb and Africa.

Al Fares provides a sea freight service to the port of Rades in Tunisia via Jebel Ali port for full containers or for small shipments by receiving and assembling them in the company’s warehouse, whether they are available in Dubai or in the free zone inside the Emirates, to be sent from the Emirates to Tunisia via many shipping lines.

Furniture moving to Tunisia

When moving furniture from Dubai to Tunisia, a specialized team undertakes all the processes of packing and packaging home furniture, electrical appliances, and other glass, antiques, and decorations with appropriate and shock-resistant packaging materials that suit the process of cross-border transportation with all care and professionalism to ensure your safety and complete protection for all Transferred contents.

The advantages offered by Al-Fares cargo in sea freight to Tunisia:

  • Home furniture moving services with expert and professional packaging and storage.
  • professional car shipping services from Dubai to Tunisia.
  • The possibility of shipping and transporting all loads, whether complete or partial, in addition to the possibility of transporting large projects with heavy weights.
  • Flexibility in sea transit, re-export, and shipping through free zones.
  • High skill in sea freight operations of regular, open, and open containers to Tunisia.
  • Shipping and delivery services from the door to the airport or port in Tunisia.
  • Preparing the documents required for the shipping, import, and customs clearance process.
  • Long experience in dealing with all types of furniture, goods, and materials shipped to Tunisia.
  • Packaging and repacking services as per client requirements.
  • Marine insurance service on all types of shipments, in coordination with the exporter or importer.

Air freight from Dubai to Tunisia:

Al-Fares offers the best express shipping options by air to Tunis-Carthage International Airport for many shipments, within full services starting from receiving the shipment until its delivery in Tunisia.

With an experienced and skilled cadre in managing air freight operations, whether through Dubai or through re-exports from free zones in the UAE to Tunisia.

Advantages of Al Fares air freight services from Dubai to Tunisia:

  • High Skills in managing air freight and air transit operations from Dubai to Tunisia.
  • Provide express shipping service. Providing customs consultancy to our clients.
  • Packaging and repacking services for shipments to ensure safe arrival and reduce shipping costs and expenses.
  • Cargo insurance service, according to customer requirements.

We at Al-Fares as an international forwarder are always striving to expand our services in shipping and transportation by providing integrated services with high quality and according to the needs of customers in shipping from Dubai and the UAE to Tunisia.

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