Shipping To The Port Of Hamburg, Germany

The port of Hamburg is one of the most important German and European ports and the world in general, as the German port actively contributes to the movement of European and international shipping and trade, although the city of Hamburg is not primarily a coastal city, but its proximity to the North Sea and the fact that it overlooks the Elbe Sea made it it’s port. Of great importance for global navigation traffic.

Hamburg port

The port of Hamburg is in the German city of Hamburg and overlooks the Elbe River, as it is only 83 km away from the North Sea and is the second-largest port in the state of Germany, as it is a major commercial center in it.

Hamburg Port is characterized by its dealings with heavy industries such as steel factories and shipyards. The total of Hamburg Port’s cargo dealings amounts to 121 million tons annually, including general goods, canned goods, mixed goods, loose goods, and other different types of cargo.

Hamburg Port is one of the most important economic resources for the city of Hamburg and the German economy in general, as its importance does not depend on the commercial factor only, but it is one of the most prominent and most important tourist attractions of the city as tourists come to visit this port, in particular, to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere in the distinctive carnival celebrations that are held regularly, Therefore, this port represents a lot for the Federal State of Germany, whether on the commercial or tourism level.

Sea freight services to and from Hamburg Port

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