Shipping travel bags and excess weight from the UAE to Singapore

Shipping travel bags and excess weight from the UAE to Singapore

Many trips move from the Emirates to Singapore and vice versa, where some do study, work, tourism or even family visits, and of course, this requires the need for many to ship many of their travel bags and luggage, which often bear extra weights, as shipping those Luggage saves a lot of money and leads to convenience for individuals during their travels. This service starts from receiving travel bags and luggage from the person’s place of residence in the UAE and ends with its delivery in Singapore, i.e. door to door or door to airport, we are here to provide you peace of mind, Therefore, it has become necessary for anyone who needs this service to search for the best shipping companies, as well as the least expensive ones, undoubtedly those that maintain delivery dates and take into account the honesty and accuracy in shipping that luggage from bags and others, and also maintaining them.

You can find all this in Al-Fares Cargo Services and more, as the company ships travel bags and excess weight to many countries of the world, including, of course, Singapore. In some airlines, it reaches 25 dollars per kilogram, and of course, Al Fares Cargo has a team of specialists who are always ready to advise you on all aspects of your international shipping requirements, do not hesitate to contact them to find out which methods are best to transport your luggage and excess weight.

Shipping method of travel bags, luggage, and excess weight:

– At first, Al-Fares Cargo Service receives the luggage and bags from the customer’s door to be transferred through the company’s trucks to the warehouse to inspect the packaging and make reservations, and then to Dubai Airport if the shipment will be by air

– Of course, at the beginning and before the shipment goes to the port of shipment or the airport for shipment, Al-Fares pays great attention to preserving these belongings, as the shipment is wrapped with appropriate packaging materials, polystyrene and even air bubble wraps are used, and the shipment is placed in boxes in case the customer requests and sticks the label to the address you will be shipping to.

– Al Fares International Cargo Services works to collect these shipments from different places within the UAE and ship them via air freight from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the Emirates to Singapore, where luggage, travel bags, and excess weight are shipped from the door to the airport in Singapore or from door to door Via air freight as desired by the customer.

– Al-Fares adopts a distinct strategic concept, which is to ship travel bags and excess baggage properly and safely through the first flight to Singapore. 

This, of course, leads to the arrival of the shipment in the least possible time, which makes customers fully satisfied with the company’s approach.

– Also, when you choose the air freight service for travel bags and excess baggage from the Emirates to Singapore, it is possible to track the sent shipment as it moves to the destination you specified, moment by moment.

Shipping costs of baggage to Singapore

– For excess baggage and baggage sent to Singapore by air freight, the price will depend on the size and weight of that shipment as the actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is greater, is adopted.

And for any inquiries about the prices of shipping bags and excess weight from Dubai to Singapore, you can contact us through our website or through customer service, our employees are ready to answer your inquiries within a short time.

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