Six important tips for shipping from China at the cheapest costs

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Six important tips for shipping from China at the cheapest costs

So that you can ship your goods from China to the destination you want at the lowest cost, you must consider six important tips that will help you a lot in reducing shipping costs, and in this article, we will explain to you those six tips as follows:

1- Use of FOB (delivery on deck) service

One of the important points that you should pay attention to so as not to increase the cost of shipping, is to agree with the seller on the condition that you put your goods on the deck of the ship, and this condition is called FOB, for example, if you have purchased goods from the Chinese city of Guangzhou and want to ship Those goods to the UAE, these goods must be shipped from the warehouse in Guangzhou to the sea port, and then transport the goods to the deck of the ship, and here you will pay two fees, the first is the price of freight to the port and the second is to transport the goods to the ship, while if you use the FOB clause with the seller, The seller will be obligated to bear all the costs of the goods until the place of the main shipment, i.e. until the goods reach the deck of the ship, which reduces the cost of shipping, and then you have to bear all costs after that stage, including shipping fees, insurance, import ….. and others

2- Pay attention to the dimensions of the packages and the method of packaging

The size of the package with which the goods are packed affects the final price of the goods, for example, in sea freight, containers are used to transport goods, if your shipment is large and fills the container, you will pay a lot of money because of that volume, but if you can compress the volume of goods Your goods are professionally packaged to take less place, as this makes them take up a smaller space inside the container, which reduces shipping costs significantly, so you must reduce the size of goods packages, and you can benefit from the experiences of shipping companies from China such as Al-Fares, which will help you with high professionalism and skill One of its experts in the implementation of packages of goods in the lowest possible size, which makes it take the least possible space inside the containers and reduce the cost of shipping on you.

3- Consider the geographical location of the factory or supplier

Because China is a large country and the distributor of cities almost, and with the exception of a series of special goods that are produced in only one city, we find that other goods are produced in many cities, so try as much as possible to buy from cities close to commercial ports and airports, this will help you a lot In reducing shipping costs for your goods from China.

4- Use of indirect airlines

If you will transport your goods from China for a long distance to your country, you have two basic options, either use direct flights, or use indirect flights, for example, if you want to transport your goods from the Chinese city of Guangzhou to Dubai, you can take a flight Direct and take your shipment directly from Guangzhou to Dubai, and you can also use an indirect flight, where your shipment is transferred from Guangzhou to another country, and then to Dubai, and certainly, indirect flights are less in cost than direct flights, as That you should consider the time it takes for the shipment to reach its destination, and whether it suits you or not? Whether using direct or indirect flights, so that you can determine which one is suitable for transporting your goods, and in general, Al Fares Cargo Services from China uses both methods to deliver your shipment to the destination you want. 

5- Choosing the right shipping company

You should be careful when choosing a shipping company in China as well as a shipping agent in China, as when you use one of the active shipping companies, they will transport your goods directly from the supplier to your desired destination or to their warehouse when collecting shipments.

As for the indirect shipping companies, they transfer your shipment from the factory, then use another company to transport the shipment to its destination, and this method you have to pay the shipping cost more than the final shipping cost, and in Al Fares Cargo Services from China, we will transfer your shipment directly from the factory or From the warehouse to the destination and at the lowest possible cost compared to shipping companies in China.

6- Take advantage of the appropriate times for shipment

Supply and demand have a direct impact on shipping costs. We find that the cost of shipping from China rises before major holidays, such as birthdays, as there is a significant increase in demand for shipping goods with a specific fixed capacity for shipping companies, which causes prices to rise, so try Not to send your goods at peak times of shipment and at the right time when the demand for shipment is low, and you can contact us at Al Fares Cargo Services to advise on choosing the appropriate shipping time to be able to reduce the cost of shipping.

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