What is the Best Way to Ship Cars From Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

Al-Fares Cargo Services has been one of Dubai’s leading car shipping companies for many years, showing its logistics services through land, sea and air freight with all care, speed and competitive prices, by providing a large and diverse fleet of trucks and car carrier transporting cars to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and the Gulf countries, and the Middle East. We have all the necessary expertise to provide insurance services on land freight shipments, and special handling to cars of all models according to the need and type of each one, in addition to sea freight shipping services for cars, and the weekly and continuous flights through the best lines of international shipping companies to most cities and ports of the world.

Al-Fares cargo services include car shipping from the UAE, receiving and delivering from all regions in the UAE in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Ajman and more, as well as shipping to several countries and regions in the world, such as the GCC countries and the Middle East through land freight or sea freight from Dubai to Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, China, Pakistan, India, Singapore and other cities.

In addition to the African countries and all countries of North Africa such as Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia, as well as shipping services to Libya, either Benghazi or Misurata or Tripoli. Our services also cover most of the ports in Turkey and most ports of European countries and cities.

Al-Fares Cargo Services will receive your vehicles from your place of residence wherever you are, for your convenience and for saving time and effort, to then ship the cars from the UAE quickly to the ports, finalizing all termination of bookings with shipping lines and customs clearance procedures at the port with all flexibility.

The Duration of shipment of cars from Dubai usually ranges from several days to several weeks depending on destination. Shipping cars through sea freight is considered less expensive for distant countries such as Europe, America and Africa, while land freight is the fastest shipping method for shipping to the neighboring countries of the United Arab Emirates.

With us at AL Fares Cargo you can choose from hundreds of shipping destinations through the availability of car transportation on ships dedicated to the shipment of cars or through closed containers, in addition to providing a fleet of fully equipped vehicles carriers to accommodate all sizes of cars and provide safe transportation during the cargo trip. We are always working hard to meet your desires in determining the dates of arrival and offer the best prices to meet your logistical requirements.

Features offered by Al-Faris in car shipping from the UAE:

  • Provide containers of different sizes and types to ship cars from Dubai in the required quantities
  • Providing shipping services through the roro service, which provides the possibility to ship cars in large numbers, whatever the destination
  • Car shipping services from Abu Dhabi to all cities and ports of the world through sea and land freight
  • Car shipping services from Dubai and Abu Dhabi to many cities and airports around the world through air freight
  • Finalizing all procedures and permits required to ship and export cars from the UAE
  • Advanced services in using safe methods to protect cars during the process of shipping, till delivered safely
  • Regular flight schedules and dates of arrival, to meet your wishes
  • A fleet of specially equipped vehicles to transport cars such as covered, open and low (hydraulic), as well as large car carriers
  • Door-to-door shipping option to all GCC countries through land freight
  • Al Fares cargo has the expertise to develop competitive shipping options and provide integrated services to gain your trust
  • Dealing with the international shipping lines with regular trips characterized by the specific and fast routes
  • Customs clearance for all types of vehicles coming from abroad, imported to the UAE and exported
  • Variety of car shipping options from Dubai, such as regular shipping and express shipping, all to suit your desires


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