The Port Of Rotterdam

It is the largest Dutch port and the largest European port at all, and one of the most important ports in the world is the port of Rotterdam, which is in the Dutch city of Rotterdam. Rotterdam is one of the historic ports in Europe and the world.

We will review with you the most important information about the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands and its strategic importance. 

Rotterdam Port

The port, as we mentioned, is in the Dutch city of Rotterdam and was built in the fourteenth century AD to be one of the oldest ports in the world. This port is the largest in Europe and it was previously the busiest in the world until it was surpassed by the port of Shanghai in China and the port of Singapore.

The area of ​​the port is about 105 square kilometers, with a length of more than 41 kilometers. The port is subject to continuous expansion and development by the port administration and the Dutch government to meet the needs of users fully and effectively.

The port has great strategic importance as it overlooks the North Sea and is the most active shipping line in the world. The port is also used to transport commodities and strategic goods of great importance, such as crude oil and products derived from it, which represent half of what is transported through this port. As for the total maritime transport through the port, it amounts to about 370 million tons of cargo, serving about 380 million consumers around the world.

The global strategic importance of the port of Rotterdam

The strategic importance of the port does not depend on the country of the Netherlands or the continent of Europe only, but it is a strategic port for the movement of global trade in general, as the port annually receives about 160 thousand ships shipping, whether at the internal or external level, and the port of Rotterdam provides many services to nearly a thousand seaports Another around the world is not only that, but it also provides services to nearly 500 shipping lines around the world.

What increases its importance is the quality of the goods transported through it, such as crude oil, petrochemicals, iron ore, and minerals. Its services do not depend on this type of goods, but it also includes the movement of transporting and shipping all kinds of goods and raw materials, as well as shipping cars through major shipping lines and international shipping companies.

The port also consists of a group of specialized ports that are supervised by specialized companies that serve each field separately.

The port represents a distinct destination for investment as companies seek to invest and establish projects in this port in order to serve their interests and develop their products that are dealt with through this port.

Such is the huge project implemented by Shell International in one of the specialized internal ports located inside the port of Rotterdam, and the cost of the project exceeded $ 1.3 billion.

One of the most important features of this seaport is the use of advanced technology in conducting operations inside it, such as container transport operations to the terminals designated for it, as well as unloading and stacking operations in the places designated for storage, as these operations are completely automatic through the latest technologies used in this field without allowing any human intervention in them.

As a result of the continuous development and modernization processes, the port of Rotterdam is able to accommodate the largest and largest ships, containers, and marine carriers in the world and provide its various services to them effectively, thus achieving the maximum benefit for all beneficiaries of the port services. This is what made the port this great name and its great historical and strategic importance and made it one of the most important global ports for the movement of trade worldwide.

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