Tips when shipping the car through flatbed truck (recovery) and choosing a car shipping company

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Tips when shipping the car through flatbed truck (recovery) and choosing a car shipping company

Shipping a car via flatbed truck is one of the things that a specific category of customers is looking for, who need to ship their cars to the regions and cities they want, and this is because shipping through private flatbed truck is considered one of the shipments that need great accuracy in all its stages, so that these people can Customers to transport their cars in the best and highest degree of efficiency and safety.

Types of special flatbed truck (recovery):

1- Normal or exposed flatbed truck:

It relies on it to transport normal cars only, and of this type of surfaces, one car is transported through it, and some of them can transport two cars sometimes.

2- Closed flatbed truck:

It is a fully enclosed surface used to transport modern cars and ship them to the place the customer wants, with the distinction of having the highest levels of protection and preservation of cars, and there are closed surfaces of different sizes, and these surfaces are used to avoid weather factors and to preserve the car from these different factors, whether in summer or winter.

3- Hydraulic decks:

There are different sizes of hydraulic flatbed truck, where there are large-sized surfaces and small-sized hydraulic flatbed truck, and large hydraulic flatbed truck are used to transport more than one car from one place to another, while small-sized hydraulic surfaces are used to transport one car like ordinary surfaces.

These flatbed trucks are characterized as being the best types of flatbed truck currently available, because all types of cars are transported through them at high speed and in complete safety, and they are lowered to the ground level to suit such as sports cars, modern and luxury cars, and tourist cars.

There are also different types of hydraulic surfaces, including open hydraulic surfaces and closed hydraulic surfaces, and open hydraulic surfaces are used in normal weather conditions where there is nothing to impede the transportation of the car or cause any harm to it, but in the case of closed hydraulic flatbed truck they are used to maintain cars against air and rain or the scorching heat of the sun.

These hydraulic flatbed trucks are also characterized by the presence of specially trained drivers for this type of surface because these surfaces need special use to be transported in complete safety.

One of the things that makes the demand for this roof great is that it bears heavy loads, so it can transport all types of cars through it.

Advantages of using special flatbed truck:

– Saving the customer’s car inside and out during all stages of shipping.

– Delivering and receiving the shipped vehicle at the specified location from door to door as soon as possible, with the vehicle being delivered in a very good condition.

– Shipping of all types of cars of all sizes.

– The roofs are made with the latest and best equipment and devices.

– The diversity of special flatbed truck led to the diversity of their uses to suit all customers and all types of cars.

Tips when choosing a car shipping company that uses private flatbed truck transportation:

The shipping company that uses the method of shipping cars through flatbed truck (recovery) must be distinguished by a few points so that the customer can choose them without hesitation, and these points are:

– That the company uses the latest advanced equipment in all stages of transportation, which facilitates the transportation of the vehicle to the destination desired by the customer.

– To have a good reputation in maintaining the customer’s car, starting with escalating it on the private surface, and maintaining it while the car is being transported and shipped to the destination specified by the customer.

– It can finish and facilitate all transportation and shipping procedures, in accordance with the laws of the country to which the transfer is made.

– To have all types of flatbed truck, whether closed, open, or hydraulic.

– The company’s ability to ship all types of cars, even heavy vehicles.

– To enjoy competitive prices compared to other car shipping companies.

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