Calculator for CBM Dimension

Actual weight And volumetric weight

Sometimes, large items with a light overall weight can be charged according to the space they take up on aircraft. In these cases, Volumetric Weight, or dimensional (Dim) weight, is used to calculate the shipment cost. It is recommended that you calculate the Volumetric Weight for every shipment that you send, then compare this to its actual weight. The greater weight of the two is used to work out the price that we charge you.

International volumetric weights are calculated using the formula below:
(Length x Width x Height in centimeters) / 5000 = Volumetric Weight in kilograms

Please enter the Dimensions of your shipment


Loadability of ocean containers

If you are planning to use full container, it is important to understand The capacity of each container type.
The list below shows the capacity of each container type:

– 20ft container approximately 26-28 CBM
– 40ft container approximately 55-58 CBM
– 40ft HQ container approximately 60-68 CBM
– 45ft HQ container approximately 78 CBM

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