Al Fares in brief

Al Fares cargo Service and clearance seeks to facilitate freight forwarding, international shipping, and logistical operations for its customers in the Emirates, the Arabian Gulf, the Middle East, and the world. At Al Fares, we always work to provide the best international shipping and transportation solutions that meet customers’ desires, regardless of their size, in terms of time, quality, and costs. We have the ability to properly complete shipping work, wherever it may be around the world, and this requires knowledge, experience, flexibility and creativity.

Al Fares has distinguished capabilities that enable it to meet the needs of its customers efficiently and professionally. Al Fares cargo includes a qualified and professional team with extensive experience in the field of logistics and shipping. The team works with dedication and precision to ensure that shipments are delivered on time and in excellent condition. In addition, AlFares is distinguished by providing various services that include air, sea, and land freight, and provides customized solutions for international and local shipping. Due to its capabilities and professional team, Al Fares cargo is a reliable choice for companies and customers looking for shipping and transportation services at a high level of quality and efficiency.

Why in the UAE?

The UAE is considered an important logistics center due to its strategic location, advanced infrastructure, specialized free zones, and a flexible and encouraging business environment. The Emirates includes connected international airports and advanced seaports and provides an integrated transportation network. The Emirates enjoys political and security stability, and relies on advanced technology, Sustainability, and smart solutions in the field of logistics. Modern and integrated warehousing and distribution facilities are also available. The UAE also provides legal facilities and simple procedures for establishing companies and growing businesses. Thanks to these factors, the UAE attracts international companies and is an important logistics center in the region and globally.