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Air Freight

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Air Freight

Air Freight

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Gulf region in the Middle East are among the world's prominent economic and trade hubs, experiencing rapid growth in cross-border business and trade. With the increasing demand for air freight services in this region, air cargo companies that provide logistics solutions to meet customer needs and facilitate air shipping operations have become essential.

Focusing on delivering the best logistics solutions to their customers, Al-Fares understands the unique requirements of clients in air shipping. Al-Fares also offers a wide network of agents worldwide, enabling them to provide comprehensive and integrated air cargo services. Whether a customer needs to transport large commercial goods, small shipments, or valuable and sensitive cargo, Al-Fares is prepared to meet those needs in the best possible ways.

Thanks to Al-Fares' professional and specialized team, employees handle all aspects of air freight with precision and care, starting from shipping arrangements and customs clearance to continuous tracking of shipments and ensuring their timely arrival.

The air freight services provided by Al-Fares include:

Al-Fares' air freight services vary based on the unique needs and logistics requirements of customers. They can handle a wide range of goods and products through air freight:

• Consumer and personal products: Al-Fares can ship consumer products such as clothing, shoes, furniture, electronics, household appliances, personal devices, and more.

• Food products: They can also handle fresh, canned, frozen, and processed food products.

• Pharmaceutical and medical products: In addition, Al-Fares has the capability to safely and securely ship pharmaceuticals, medical preparations, medical equipment, and various medical supplies, including surgical instruments, medical devices, and diagnostic tools.

• Chemical products: Different chemical materials, including raw materials, manufactured chemicals, hazardous chemicals, and industrial chemicals, are also among the products shipped via air freight.

These are just general examples, as Al-Fares can handle many other products and goods through air freight.

The steps for shipping cargo via air freight with Al-Fares are as follows:

1.Submitting a Request: The process begins with the customer submitting an air freight request through Al-Fares' website, the company's dedicated app, or by contacting customer service directly. The request includes shipment details such as weight, dimensions, type, pickup address, delivery address, and expected shipping date.

2.Shipment Assessment: The shipment is assessed by Al-Fares' logistics team to determine the best way to handle it and to identify any specific requirements such as packing, packaging, and necessary permits.

3.Packing and Packaging: Al-Fares prepares the shipment for air freight by using suitable packing materials and ensuring the cargo is properly secured to guarantee its safety during transport.

4.Document Preparation: This step involves preparing the required shipping documents such as the shipping invoice, packing list, customs declaration, and the airway bill, along with any other necessary documents based on the sender and recipient countries and the type of shipment.

5.Customs Clearance: Air freight typically involves customs clearance, where Al-Fares coordinates with customs authorities to ensure compliance with customs requirements and facilitate the shipment's passage through airports.

6.Transportation and Delivery: After preparing the shipment and completing the necessary procedures, the cargo is loaded onto the aircraft and transported to its intended destination. Upon arrival, the cargo is unloaded and delivered to the final recipient at the airport or at their doorstep, depending on the customer's preference.

7.Shipment Tracking: Al-Fares provides shipment tracking services, allowing customers to monitor the status and location of the shipment during air transport.

The essential documents that a customer should possess when transporting goods via air freight:

When shipping by air, the customer should have certain essential documents, and the requirements may vary depending on the countries involved in the process and the type of goods being shipped. However, the following is a list of common documents that may be required:

• Commercial Invoice: A document that verifies the value of the goods and includes information such as the buyer's and seller's names, a detailed description of the goods, and prices.

• Certificate of Origin: A document that indicates the country of origin of the goods, which can be important for customs and trade purposes.

• Airway Bill: The primary shipping document that specifies shipment details and records the contract between the shipping company and the customer. It includes information about the sender and recipient locations, shipment details, and amounts due.

 Customs Documents: There may be customs documents required by the customs authorities in the receiving country, such as a customs declaration, certificate of origin, and any other relevant export and import permits.

 Guarantee and Insurance Documents: Some shipments may require guarantee or insurance documents, such as an insurance certificate or shipment guarantee document.

 Documents for Restricted or Prohibited Goods: If the shipment contains restricted or prohibited goods, there may be additional documents related to these goods, such as permits for hazardous chemicals or biological materials.

Key Features Provided by Al Fares in Air Freight Services:

• Speed of Delivery and Execution: Air freight is considered one of the fastest modes of transportation, so Al Fares focuses on providing a fast and efficient service to ensure the arrival of shipments in the shortest possible time.

• Scheduling Flexibility: The company offers various scheduling and delivery options, allowing customers to meet their time requirements perfectly. Air freight options, urgent shipping, scheduled shipping, and priority services can be provided according to customer requirements.

• Security and Protection: Al Fares places great emphasis on ensuring the safety of shipments during air transportation. They rely on strict security measures and adhere to international safety and security standards in air freight.

• Shipment Tracking: Al Fares provides advanced shipment tracking services, allowing customers to monitor and track the status and location of air shipments in real-time. This provides comprehensive and transparent visibility into the shipping process and enables effective supply chain control.

• Customs Clearance Services: Al Fares offers customs clearance services, handling customs procedures and dealing with the necessary documents and permits. This helps facilitate the passage of shipments through borders and airports and avoids potential delays.

• Advanced Electronic Services: Al Fares provides a sophisticated electronic ordering system for air freight through its website or application, simplifying and speeding up the process of obtaining quotes and making reservations without limitations.

• Global Network and Collaboration with Trusted Partners: Al Fares for Shipping Services has a wide network of partners and air freight agents around the world, enabling them to provide reliable and comprehensive cross-border shipping services.

• Customer Support Services: Al Fares offers excellent customer support services, allowing customers to contact their support team for assistance, advice, and inquiries related to the air freight process.

• On-Time Delivery: Al Fares works to meet customer requirements regarding scheduling and on-time delivery. They respect delivery schedules and work diligently to ensure that shipments arrive on time.

• Handling Sensitive and Valuable Shipments: Al Fares has experience in handling urgent, sensitive, and high-value shipments. They take necessary measures to ensure the safety and protection of high-value shipments during air transportation.