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It is without doubt now a days that air cargo is one of the most important and popular shipping options worldwide. On this regard, we have dedicated this article for you to provide you with all the information needed to understand all components of air freight variated, and the best advantages of shipping companies that provides air freight, and anything related to it.

Initially, air cargo is the option that most agents undertake in case express and fast shipping to the country of arrival and fast shipping duration is a mandatory requirement. The most competitive air cargo companies are the ones with daily regular flights to most international airports from all around the world, and partnerships with the best airlines, as well as adopting special techniques in receiving and delivering parcels and wrapping them to ensure safe arrival, also provision of a comprehensive insurance for goods and personal belongings, and finalizing the customs clearance procedures for them in all international airports.

Now, we will go into brief about the most popular questions and terms related to air cargo shipping.

What is the airway bill?

It is a document released by the airline booked for this shipment, and this document is considered as a contract between the airline, the shipping company and the shipment owner. This document also contains a complete description of the goods as per types, weights, dimensions, the sender and the receiver, as well as the date and place of issue. Upon this document, the shipment is dispensed to the receiver upon arrival, and it gives him the eligibility to obtain it. At the top of this document, an airway bill number is provided which gives the customer the ability to track their shipments very easily.

What is the Volumetric weight?

Volumetric weight depends on dimension to the actual gross weight, in case the shipments needs more space, the quotation provided will be higher to cover the cost for the space conveyed, regardless of the actual weight for the shipment, and that is after the actual weight and the volumetric weight are estimated, whatever turns out to be higher will be the one considered for the estimation. To calculate the volumetric weight = (Hight * width * length) / 6000

What are the documents required for customs clearance for shipments coming through air cargo?

  • Original Invoice
  • Original Packing List
  • Original COO
  • Bill of Lading
We will now mention the role of air cargo companies in Dubai and the UAE, and the most important specifications that these companies acquire to gain your trust. The best air freight companies are the ones who strive to facilitate whatever is complicated and challenging in the shipping process for the customers, from finalizing all required documents for shipping and export, customs clearance which is the most difficult part, and finalizing all the bookings with the airline that is suitable for the type of each shipment.

The most crucial qualifications that these companies should have is exploring and delivering all options to give competitive prices in re-packing and packaging the shipments, wrapping and assembling the shipments to save on the spaces, which give a better more cost effective volumetric weight, and with that, the client gets the best price for shipping. As well as other options such as assisting the air cargo agent in collecting and receiving the shipment and providing a link between the supplier and the air cargo agent to create the trust for our clients, and that suits their shipping needs perfectly.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind before shipping through air cargo in Dubai:

  • Enquire and communicate with more than one air cargo company in Dubai and try to compare and choose among them in terms of customer evaluation, prices and credibility
  • Before contracting with the air cargo company, you should inquire and confirm the arrival and delivery schedules, and the services of packaging and re-packing, as well as insurance services.
  • Coordinate your timetables and schedules to receive your shipments as soon as they arrive to the required destination to avoid any fines for delays.

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