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Exports in Dubai are known for variety of materials from all around the world, that is owed to what characterizes Dubai most of diversity in goods trade, and the markets constructional and manufactural needs of materials. Due to high export demand from different countries of the world, Al Fares Cargo services as a customs clearance company in Dubai has strived to provide you with customs clearance services that suits different types of goods and products, either through air freight in airports or through sea freight in Jebel Ali port. Al Fares as a customs clearing agent has provided the customs clearance service in Dubai for all types of commercial good and imported and exported materials. The team will handle all the required documents for the customs clearance in Dubai for the agent, after assuring the provision of our company’s precise import code, to be followed by an efficient and professional customs clearance procedure.

Customer Clearance Procedure in Dubai:

In case you wish to import goods to Dubai, preparing and finalizing all required documents and papers required for customs clearance is a must, these documents will either be required from the supplier/exporter, or from the importer. It is preferable to be completely aware and in knowledge of all these required documents and papers, and to prepare them prior to starting the process so that it can flow easily and efficiently without any obstacles, despite the similarity of the customs clearance system in different countries around the world. After the ship arrives with all the goods and products on board, items are dispatched, and based on the bills of lading received from the importer, the customs broker will withdraw the delivery permit of the container from the shipping agent, and then submits the commercial invoices, the certificate of origin and the packing list of the shipment electronically to know the value of the customs duties applied to them. Based on the invoices, a dedicated person is sometimes sent by the customs to inspect and examine to ensure that the imported goods or materials conform to the papers submitted by the customs broker, therefore the customs duties are determined and approved. After payment of the customs duties is proceeded, the customs broker obtains the release permit on the container and its contents, to be unloaded to the trucks intended to transport the goods to the customer's premises or warehouse. Customs clearance of inbound shipments through airports is similar to the above with minor differences from inbound shipments through ports.

Documents required for customs clearance in Dubai:

  • Original commercial invoices, preferably with the uniform HS code for each item
  • Original Certificate of Origin
  • Bill of Lading
  • Packing list
  • Health certificate for some materials (foodstuffs and cosmetics, fumigation for wood stuff)
  • Tax Registration Number

Documents required to export shipments from Dubai and customs clearance for export:

  • Commercial or industrial license.
  • Export Code
  • Commercial Bill
  • Packing list

In general, customer clearance procedure is a process that depends on documents and approvals primary, and secondly on examination and inspection for importing and exporting. Al Fares Cargo Shipping services strives hard to fulfill the requirements and needs of clients by offering a wide range of services through a dedicated and professional team in handling all the enquiry’s promptly at a reasonable price.

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