Frequently Asked Questions

Documents required to import goods to Dubai, UAE and Arab countries as follows:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Certificate of Origin
  •  Health certificates (for foodstuffs with preparation of the approval of the Municipal Department of some countries).
  • The Bill of lading are stamped on the back by the company’s signature.
  • Delegation of the NOC.

For commercial shipments, the importing company must have the import code registered in the tax department and in the customs department.

Documents required to import cars to the UAE and Arab countries as follows:

  • purchase invoice.
  • Export certificate.
  • Bills of Lading.
  • Delegation of the NOC.

Documents required to export personal shipments from the UAE to countries around world are:

  • A copy of the passport, residence or personal identity of the consignee.
  • A copy of the passport and identity of the recipient.
  • Full address of sender, recipient and contact numbers

Documents required to export commercial shipments from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE to the world:

  • Commercial invoice.
  • Packing statement.
  • Certificate of origin.
  • Agency or authorization of the clearance office in the land border in the case of shipping to Saudi Arabia or A.

** IMPORTANT NOTE: In the case of land freight for the GCC countries, the invoice and documents must be in Arabic, showing the HS Code (the customs identification code for each item).

  • A certificate of export from the traffic written on it to be shipped by / Al-Fares cargo services and clearance With export plates for the vehicle.
  • Copy of UAE driving certificate and identity.
  • A copy of the passport of the recipient with the picture of the residence, if he is a resident or photo of the identity card if he is a citizen of the same country.
  • Details of the customs agent in the port of arrival in the case of shipping to the ports of the world name, address and contact number.

  • Tourism certificate from the traffic department labeled: shipped by Al Fares Cargo services and clearance LLC.
  • Carnet “Trip Ticket” Book from Car Club.
  • Original registration card of the vehicle.
  • Copy of the passport and residence of the sender (to the resident).
  • Copy of the identity or passport of the recipient.
  • Details of the customs duty in the port of arrival in case of shipping to the world ports (name, address and contact numb.

It is a document or a contract proving the shipments moving and includes all information such as details of the sender and recipient and a comprehensive description of the shipment in terms of type, weight and size in cubic meters in addition to the date and place of issue and destination of shipment, whereby the delivery of the shipment to the recipient upon arrival will take place and guarantee to receive. Airway bill is issued by the airline in the case of air freight and shipping line in case of sea freight. And its importance relays that it is a contract between the navigational line or the airline and the shipping company and the client, which guarantees the rights as mentioned in the previous policy number, which enables the customer to track shipments easily.

It is an international multi-purpose method for labeling goods, and it’s developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO). It is called the common system and if we want to expand the definition of this system, it is a globally readable language of economy and coding of goods and an indispensable means of international trade.

It is used to determine the proportion of the fee applicable to any commodity. It is the only way to determine the class, item, and percentage of the customs duties of certain commodities. It consists of a table containing items and sub-items, their numerical symbols, and notes of sections, chapters and general rules. It is an international language that is used as the basis for definitions of more than 176 countries or customs unions and 104 countries are signatories to their international convention.

 Advantages of HS code Application:

  • This system has helped governments develop a precise mechanism for determining duties and taxes on goods.
  • Facilitate the process of providing and processing accurate information to investors and researchers.
  • All commodities in the HS code are characterized under clear labels, facilitating the import and export process.

The volumetric weight depends on the area occupied by the shipment for its actual weight. The cost of transporting a shipment can be affected by the amount of space it occupies. If the cargo needs more space, a larger value is paid for that space regardless of its actual weight. The shipping value is calculated according to the actual weight and the volumetric weight, and then the larger value among them will be considered.

To calculate the volumetric weight, it is measured: (length x width x height) / division factor 6000 or 4000 according to the method of shipment.

Our warehouses are the best choice for you. We have set up our warehouses at AlFares Cargo Services to maintain various types of goods such as home furniture, personal items, equipment, machinery, etc., in which we ensure their preservation from any damage, loss or theft. We also provide you with all warranties against any damages that may occur. All items are numbered with a custom label for each shipment to distinguish between shipments for easy access and non-mixing.

Al-Fares Cargo offers the best delivery and collection services by hand from our representatives wherever you are in the UAE by equipped dedicated trucks to ensure safety and protection, to transport your belongings to our warehouses to be stored, sorted and shipped to your destination afterwards.

The are some cases in which some people require to move away for work, education and many other reasons, so they plan to move from their home or travel elsewhere in their own country or abroad.

Here, they face the problem of packing furniture or moving it to another place to store it, and also facing some obstacles on how to move furniture without damage, or expository for breaking. No need to worry, Al-Fares Cargo Company provides storage service in Dubai for furniture and commercial goods. We are interested in providing the best ways and means to ensure the transportation and storage of goods and household goods or even commercial goods without fear or concern of damage or loss of any piece. We provide services for the transportation of home, hotel and commercial furniture in a literal manner with the use of modern technology. We have and experienced staff in assembling and packaging furniture, and then transporting it by truck to our warehouse, applying all tools and necessities for protection from damage.

If you need to have your shipments delivered to you in the shortest time possible, best choice will be through air freight, where we have daily and regular flights to all airports and cities around the world.

But if your shipments are commercial goods and materials with good amount of quantity and size, and you have plenty of time, your best option will be shipping through sea freight, which depends on containers in the transport of goods, which is characterized by its ability to accommodate goods and heavy equipment of large sizes, which is not provided through air freight, in addition to reaching far countries that aircrafts can’t reach.

Therefore, we are specialized in shipping from and to most ports using international shipping lines, whether FCL or LCL. We provide containers of different sizes and types to suit the size, type and nature of goods, and then deliver to all cities and ports around world, in addition to our outstanding shipping services for cars.

As for the shipping between neighboring countries such as the GCC and the Middle East, for example, your best choice is shipping through land freight for transporting goods, materials and vehicles. We offer a large fleet of trucks, which helps in cargo operations wherever you go.

Al Fares Cargo also provides refrigerated shipping services to transport foodstuffs on a daily basis with flexibility. We also have a fleet of car carriers of various sizes to transport your own cars.

Al Fares Cargo Services can develop a competitive shipping solution to suit your need wherever you are around the world. Al Fares offers a wide range of logistics services through land, sea and air freight to:

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, and Arabic countries, Turkey, UK, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and many European countries.

From and to Asia: China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Philippines, Pakistan, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other Asian countries.

Djibouti, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Togo, Chad, Niger, Ghana, Guinea, South Africa, Cameroon, Congo, Kenya, Comoros, Mauritania, Gabon, Angola, Seychelles and many other African countries.

From and to America: Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela and Latin American countries as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Al-Fares Cargo Company is one of the UAE’s leading freight forwarding companies providing car shipping services around the world. We rely on a variety of logistics and transportation solutions to meet your needs and save you time and effort.

We have a fleet of standard car carriers as well as covered cars to protect and secure the cars during land freight to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and many Arab countries in addition to the service of shipping luxury and sports cars and to suit your needs.

Al-Fares cargo offers car shipping by sea freight on weekly cruises and regular dates to the most ports and cities of the world by containers or by RORO service, from receiving your inquiries and guiding you to the required documents until delivered to the destination wherever you want.

Al Fares cargo also offers air freight service to many destinations around the world, from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Kuwait, Morocco, London, Paris, Malacca, Spain, Germany and many destinations.

We provide car insurance services during transportation or shipping through many international insurance companies.

Al Fares provides many services in the transportation of furniture and home decorations. Due to your frequent need in moving and transporting home furniture from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE, it is our vision to provide this service in a safe and convenient way

We have a dedicated that is fully aware of all customs clearance procedures in Dubai and many countries, whether the shipments are through terminals in air freight or through ports in sea freight.

We guarantee to process all customs clearance procedures for your incoming and outgoing shipments with all speed, flexibility and efficiency till delivered to your warehouses wherever they are in the UAE in the shortest time possible.

We have the experience and the ability to deal with all types of shipments, whether it’s general goods, foodstuffs, chemicals or electronics, as well as customs clearance services for cars.

Al-Faris provides a variety of logistics services to meet customers' needs for transporting goods and shipping worldwide. These services include the following:

  • Land Freight: Land freight services involve the transportation of goods between countries using roadways, whether it's large, medium, or small trucks. These services cover the shipping of goods, furniture, cars, and large-scale projects.
  • Air Freight: Al-Fares offers air freight services for the transportation of goods and materials by air, where cargo is transported by airplanes. Air freight is considered a fast and efficient way to move goods between countries and is widely used in global shipping.
  • Sea Freight: Al-Fares provides services for shipping goods, cars, and furniture by sea, with shipments being transported by ships. Sea freight is used for long-distance transportation and is typically more cost-effective than air freight, offering greater capacity for large and heavy items.
  • Storage in Dubai: Al-Fares offers storage services, where materials are stored in dedicated warehouses for temporary periods according to the customer's preferences. Goods are closely tracked and managed to ensure efficient and timely delivery.
  • Customs Clearance: These services include preparing customs documents and handling customs procedures at ports and airports, with delivery to the customer's doorstep.
  • Express Shipping: Al-Fares offers fast shipping and delivery services for parcels weighing between 35 to 50 kilograms, depending on the destination. These services are often available for urgent or time-sensitive shipments.

Al-Fares offers several different payment methods to meet the needs of its customers. These payment methods include:

1.Cash Payment: We provide customers with the option to make cash payments for the shipping fees upon delivery by the driver or at the company's branches.

2.Bank Transfer: You can make a bank transfer from your bank account to the company's account after obtaining the account details and following the specified instructions for completing the payment.

3.Credit/Debit Card Payment: Al-Fares offers the option to pay shipping fees using your credit or debit cards. You can provide your card details to the company's staff online or at the company's office.

4.Electronic Payment: Through a secure payment link sent to the customer by the accounts department at Al-Fares, this is one of the easiest payment methods.

Al-Fares relies on advanced tracking systems to provide shipment tracking services to its customers. Here is an overview of how shipments are tracked:

1.Tracking Code: Al Fares provides a unique tracking code for each shipment that is being shipped. When the shipment process is completed, the customer is provided with the tracking code, which can be used to track the movement of the shipment through the company's shipment tracking website.

2.Status Updates: The status of the shipment is regularly updated in the company's tracking system. These updates include information about the various stages of the shipment from initial loading to final delivery, including updates on loading, unloading, and delivery timing. Customers can access these updates by using the electronic tracking system.

3.Direct Communication: Al Fares offers direct communication with its customers to provide shipment tracking information. Customers can get in touch with the customer service team via phone or email to request information about the shipment's movement and the latest updates.

The shipping cost is calculated based on several factors, which include the following:

1.Weight and Dimensions: The actual weight and size of the shipment are among the most critical factors in determining the cost. Both the actual weight and volumetric weight, based on the space occupied by the shipment, may be used. For large and lightweight shipments, the cost may be calculated based on volumetric weight for more accurate pricing.

2.Shipping Method: The chosen shipping method also affects the cost, whether it's ground shipping, air freight, or sea freight.

3.Destination of the Shipment: The cost of shipping is also influenced by the destination of the shipment. Some destinations may require additional fees. Typically, shipping costs are calculated based on the distance between the point of origin and the destination. The longer the distance, the higher the cost. Additionally, dealing with local shipping partners at the destination may impact the final cost.

4.Nature of the Shipment: The nature of the shipment can affect the shipping cost. Specialized shipments, such as fragile, sensitive, or hazardous goods, may require special handling and extra packaging, increasing the cost.

5.Additional Services: If you require additional services like shipment insurance or express delivery, you may incur extra charges for these services.

Al-Fares offers a wide range of packaging and packing services aimed at ensuring the safety and protection of shipments during the shipping and delivery process. These services may include the following:

1.Provision of Packaging Materials: Our company provides various options for packaging materials, such as shock-resistant shipping boxes, crates, reinforced bags, and protective wrapping films. These materials are suitable for different types of goods and provide optimal protection.

2.Product Packaging: The packaging and packing team offers professional packaging services for goods. The optimal method for packaging each type of shipment is customized, taking into consideration protection against shocks, scratches, and damage during transportation.

3.Additional Protective Measures: Al-Fares provides additional protective measures for fragile or sensitive goods, such as insulation and shock-absorbing materials and wooden crates. These measures are used to ensure that the goods arrive in excellent condition at their intended destination.

4.Labels and Stickers: Appropriate labels and stickers are placed on shipments. These labels include customer information, shipping addresses, and content details, making it easy to identify and track the shipment.

5.Custom Packaging: For large or special shipments, the company offers custom packaging services. Innovative solutions are designed to meet the unique requirements of the customer, ensuring that specific shipping needs are perfectly addressed.

We provide storage services to our customers as part of our comprehensive operations. Storage services are a key component in the supply chain, aiming to provide safe and suitable space for storing goods and materials before or after the shipping process. Here are some of the storage services offered by the company:

1.Temporary Storage: Al-Fares offers temporary storage services for goods, furniture, general materials, and cars that require temporary storage before shipment. Goods and materials are stored for a specified period before being redirected to their final destination.

2.Packaging and Repackaging: We provide packaging and repackaging services in our warehouses. This is done to secure and protect goods during the storage period and to prepare for subsequent shipping operations.

Al-Fares provides insurance services as part of its operations to offer protection and guarantees for shipments during transportation. Insurance is considered an important part of risk management in the supply chain and aims to provide financial protection to customers in case of losses or damages to goods during transportation.

Al-Fares offers cargo, shipment, and car insurance services upon customer request as an additional feature. Insurance documents covering potential losses in case of unfortunate events during the shipping process are provided, and insurance fees are determined based on the value and type of the shipments.

Al Fares is one of the specialized companies that deal with the transportation of heavy and oversized projects and shipments that require special care and specific transport procedures. These shipments are characterized by their large sizes and heavy weights, such as large industrial machinery, heavy equipment, structural components, and other industrial products.

Al Fares provides specialized services for handling heavy and oversized shipments, and here are some key aspects of these services:

1.Experience and Knowledge: Al Fares excels in handling heavy and oversized shipments with a team that has the necessary experience and knowledge to deal with this type of projects. They understand the challenges of transporting heavy shipments and are efficient in selecting the appropriate means and equipment.

2.Planning and Coordination: Projects and heavy shipments require precise planning and coordination for all aspects of the operation. This process includes determining the appropriate routes, selecting the right modes of transportation, and organizing the necessary procedures for loading and unloading.

3.Special Equipment: Heavy and oversized shipments may require special equipment for handling them, including heavy cranes, loading, and unloading equipment, and large containers. This equipment are provided to ensure the safety and health of the transportation process.

4.Safety and Protection: Al Fares pays great attention to ensuring the safety of heavy and oversized shipments, relying on strict safety measures and protections to safeguard the shipments throughout the transportation process.

We offer express parcel services to our customers starting from 35kg, providing speed and reliability in transporting shipments from one place to another. These services offer a convenient solution for individuals and businesses that need to send goods or parcels quickly and securely.

 Express cargo services rely on a widespread distribution network that covers various countries and cities, and Al Fares collaborates with international courier companies to ensure the shipment's arrival in the shortest possible time.

Land transport trucks are available in a variety of sizes and dimensions to accommodate different shipping needs. The size and dimensions of the trucks depend on several factors, including the country, region, local regulations, the type of goods to be transported, and the following are some common examples of truck sizes and dimensions for land transport:

1.Small Van: These are the smallest trucks and are used for small and quick shipments. They may have a length ranging from 10 to 15 feet.

2.Medium Truck: These trucks include types such as pickup trucks and short chassis trucks. Their length ranges from approximately 15 to 26 feet, and they come in various capacities such as 3 tons, 5 tons, 7 tons, and 10 tons.

3.Large Truck: These are heavy-duty trucks with lengths ranging from about 40 feet to 65 feet, and they are available in various shapes and heights. They can be either enclosed or open-bed trucks.

For example, there are refrigerated trucks used to transport temperature-sensitive goods, as well as flatbed trucks or lowbed trucks that do not have an enclosed structure and are used to transport oversized and irregularly shaped shipments.

As for common sizes and capacities of sea shipping containers, they are typically measured in twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU), where one TEU equals a container with a length of 20 feet. Here are some common sizes of sea shipping containers and their capacities:

  • 20-Foot Container: This is a common container widely used in the maritime shipping industry. Its interior length is approximately 5.9 meters, and its height is about 2.4 meters. The capacity typically ranges from 28 to 33 cubic meters.
  • 40-Foot Container: Another widely used container in maritime shipping, its interior length is about 12 meters, and its height is approximately 2.4 meters. The capacity usually ranges from 56 to 68 cubic meters.
  • 40-Foot High Cube (HQ) Container: Similar to the standard 40-foot container, but with a higher interior height of about 2.67 meters, resulting in a larger capacity of up to 76 cubic meters.
  • 45-Foot Container: This container is less commonly used and serves as a less frequently used alternative to the 40-foot container. Its interior length is about 13.7 meters, and its height is about 2.4 meters. The capacity typically ranges from 67 to 85 cubic meters.

Additionally, there are specialized containers available for oversized cargo, liquid cargo, refrigerated cargo, and hazardous materials.

When shipping a car for export from Saudi Arabia, there are several essential documents required. Here is a list of some of the key documents:

  • Traffic Clearance Certificate with an Export Certificate and Export Plates from the traffic department.
  • Copy of the passport and Saudi national ID of the sender.
  • Copy of the passport, Emirati national ID, and residence permit if applicable for the recipient.
  • Electronic authorization from the sender to the customs clearance office at the Saudi border crossing in Al Batha.
  • Customs declaration for the entry of the car in Saudi Arabia or the settlement of customs dues if the model is new.
  • Customs card for the car if it is a new model.

There are several shipping methods available for shipping goods from China to the UAE. Here are some of the common options:

1.Air Freight: Air shipping is suitable for transporting goods quickly from China to the UAE. It involves the use of aircraft to transport cargo, making it an ideal choice for shipments that require rapid delivery.

2.Sea Freight: Sea shipping is one of the most cost-effective methods for transporting commercial goods and shipments from China to the UAE. It involves the use of containers to transport cargo by sea. While it may take longer than air shipping, it is more cost-efficient for larger shipments.

3.Consolidation: Consolidation involves combining various goods from different suppliers in China into one large shipment, often referred to as a "consolidated shipment." This method can be cost-effective for smaller shipments and individuals who don't require a full container load.

There are several shipping methods for transporting goods from Turkey, which include the following:

1.Air Freight: Air shipping can be used to quickly transport goods from Turkey. The company offers its services for transporting goods via airplanes, and this service is suitable for shipments that require fast delivery.

2.Sea Freight: Sea shipping is one of the most cost-effective methods for transporting commercial goods and shipments from Turkey. It involves the use of containers to transport cargo by sea. Although it may take longer than air shipping, it is more cost-efficient for larger shipments.

3.Consolidation: Various goods from different suppliers in Turkey can be consolidated into one large shipment, often referred to as a "consolidated shipment." This type of shipping can be cost-effective for smaller shipments and individuals who don't require a full shipment.

Yes, Al Fares offers international shipping services from countries around the world to the United Arab Emirates. They provide international shipping services for shipments coming from various countries and regions to the UAE.

Whether you want to ship goods, personal shipments, or vehicles from Asia, Europe, North America, or any other region, you can collaborate with Al Fares to organize and manage the shipping process entirely. Al Fares offers this service through air, sea, and land shipping to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Through Al Fares, you can arrange for customs clearance, track shipments, provide storage services, and ensure delivery within the UAE. You can also contact Al Fares for more information and details about the inbound international shipping services they offer.