Al Fares air freight services via Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is one of the largest air transport companies in the world and has a good reputation in the air freight sector. The company has also been conducting air freight operations since 1933.

Turkish Airlines periodically works to increase its global network of destinations, providing wide options for customers to transport their shipments easily and effectively. The company also provides customized services for urgent, heavy, and sensitive freight, meeting diverse customer needs.

One of the advantages offered by Turkish Airlines is:

• A wide network of destinations: It provides air freight services through Turkish Airlines to various destinations around the world, as the Turkish freight company works with a fleet of Turkish Airlines, which provides air freight service to more than 322 destinations in 127 countries around the world through a fleet of 359 aircraft. (Passenger and cargo aircraft).

• Advanced technology: Air freight services via Turkish Airlines rely on the latest available technologies, such as the online shipment tracking system and the electronic freight management system.

• Specialized cargo complexes: Turkish Airlines contains a group of complexes specialized in air freight, such as “TK Cargo” and “Istanbul Cargo Terminal”. These complexes provide advanced infrastructure and customized services to support shipping operations and ensure the safety of goods.

• Following international standards: Turkish Airlines adheres to international air freight standards and regulations, such as international safety laws and international air transport agreements. This ensures that international shipping requirements are met, and the quality of service provided.

• Fast and efficient services: Air freight services via Turkish Airlines are fast and efficient, with the ability to deliver goods reliably and on time.

• Track your shipment service via the Turkish Airlines website. Turkish Airlines provides a shipment tracking service through its website, which allows customers to know the status of their shipments and their current location during transportation.

• Handling all types of goods: Turkish Airlines air freight services deal with all types of goods, including dangerous goods, frozen goods and live animals, as these goods are carefully handled according to their requirements.

• Scheduled Air Services: Turkish Airlines air cargo services offer regularly scheduled flights, which means customers can rely on the availability of flights and services at specific times.

Types of special shipments that can be shipped via Turkish Airlines:

Animal shipping:

Due to the company's thirty years of experience in shipping live animals, Turkish Airlines hosts the animals in a healthy and peaceful environment in accordance with international regulations and transports them to customers' desired destinations.

Food shipping:

Turkish Airlines aircraft provide shipping services for flowers, vegetables, fruits, all types of meat and fish, whether fresh or frozen, dairy products, and other perishable goods, fresh on the day of their production.

Valuable shipments:

Turkish Airlines is keen on transporting customers' valuable cargo using the latest safety technologies.

These shipments are kept inside special containers and placed inside sturdy boxes. These shipments are also stored inside warehouses that are monitored using cameras 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Shipping medications:

Thanks to modern technology, Turkish Airlines can transport all types of customers' pharmaceutical shipments, very precisely within the time frame while maintaining the temperature, as required, to the customer's desired destination.

In short, Turkish Airlines provides premium air freight services to customers around the world, with an emphasis on quality, efficiency, and innovation. The company is also a reliable and sought-after option for transporting heavy, urgent, and sensitive air cargo.

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