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In a world characterized by increasing global trade and an interconnected global economy, transportation and logistics play a vital role in achieving smooth and efficient international trade. In this context, the global Jctrans network stands out as one of the leading networks in the field of transportation and logistics, providing integrated and reliable solutions to meet global shipping needs.

Jctrans network

Jctrans Network was established in 2000 as a pioneering initiative in the transportation and logistics industry, under the management of Jctrans Logistics Network Co., Ltd. Chinese. Since then, the network has rapidly grown into one of the most prominent international networks in the field, which plays a vital role in facilitating international trade and providing comprehensive logistics solutions to companies and individuals around the world.

The idea of establishing the Jctrans network began from a shared vision of a group of experts in the field of transportation and logistics in China, where they felt the urgent need to create an electronic platform that connects shipping companies, agents, and suppliers around the world. The network development plans have been carefully crafted to meet the needs of the changing global market and provide effective and reliable solutions to its customers.

Initially, the Jctrans network was based on a simple online communication model, where companies and individuals could register as members and search for shipping and logistics partners through the online platform. From here, the network began to attract new members and expand its global presence.
Thanks to an active strategy of global expansion and strengthening of partnerships, the Jctrans network has been able to significantly expand its international presence. This strategy relies on employing the latest technology and developing advanced electronic platforms, in addition to building strong relationships with transportation and logistics partners around the world.

In recent years, the Jctrans network has invested heavily in developing its services and expanding its operations, allowing it to offer a wide range of specialist logistics services across its members, including sea, air, and road freight, as well as warehousing, customs clearance, and supply chain management services.
Today, the Jctrans network is one of the leading international networks in the field of transport and logistics and occupies a prominent position in the global market.

Al Fares Cargo Service is one of the active members of this global logistics network through its extensive logistics services across the world.

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