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The UAE Motorcycle Market is considered one of the most important global markets, and its shipping requests to various countries of the world have increased recently, whether by land or sea freight, and given the state of new bikes and the competitive and distinctive prices for them, we have dedicated this article to you to talk about everything that regarding bikes, their types and clothes used it, and the way they are supposed to be shipped.

Motorbikes are one of the most important means of transportation that operates with an internal combustion engine and is widely used in crowded cities and some uses it as means of luxury. The motorcycle manufacturers differed, and there are many of them as follows:

Dodge Tomahawk:

This motorcycle is considered one of the best and fastest motorcycles in the world, as it works with a 10-cylinder engine and 40 valves, with a top speed of 560 km per hour and produces approximately 500 hp.

Suzuki Hayabusa  

It has a 4-stroke DOHC motor with 4 cylinders and a powerful liquid cooling system with a maximum speed of 248 mph


This bike runs on a very distinguished engine ‘The Rolls Royce 250-C20 turbo shaft engine’ that has a maximum speed of 227 mph and produces 320 hp


It is the first Japanese motorcycle, which is produced by the Japanese Honda Company. Honda motorcycle combines several advantages, the most important of which is that it works with a liquid cooling system and a four-cylinder engine, with a speed of 190 miles per hour.


Is a leading company in the manufacture of motors in Japan, and the quality will not be any less than the quality of Honda motors, the engine of this bike is DOHC, which works with four cylinders and 20 valves, and the motor operates with a liquid cooling system and can reach a speed of 186 mph

MV Agusta F4 1000 R :

Manufactured in Italy, it is an ideal bike that combines all the features of a distinguished motorcycle. It works with a four-cylinder DOHC engine and 16 valves. It also works with a horizontal liquid cooling system, with a maximum speed of 176 miles per hour.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11/ZZ-R1100 :

The Japanese Kawasaki company is one of the pioneering companies in the motorcycle industry, it uses 1052 cc, and its 4-cylinder engine is also running a liquid cooling system, and its maximum speed is 176 miles per hour.

What to buy for motorcycle clothes?

To complete the process of buying motorcycle clothing in the UAE, it is necessary to choose the appropriate motorists clothing companies. At this stage, the required and suitable products are chosen for you, and they are ordered from these companies, and the most prominent thing that distinguishes them is that they secure all the customers’ needs from many products, with very diverse options, including clothing and accessories for motors and others.

Now we will talk about the method of Shipping motorcycles from UAE:

Initially, we advise you the first time that you purchase a motorbike to visit the motorbike showrooms in the UAE, to get acquainted with all types and to get multiple quotations before purchasing or shipping. Then you can order the product you want and choose the right shipping company and agree with it on prices, duration and customs clearance services. After completing the purchase process, one of the motorcycle shipping companies in the UAE will be contacted to receive the bike.

Motorcycles are shipped by land freight from the United Arab Emirates to neighboring countries such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Syria & Jordan via special trucks that are characterized by fast duration for arrival or through tankers that are characterized by considerable prices. The process of shipping can be carried out by sea freight in full containers or partial containers to most cities and ports far from the UAE in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Also, the motorbikes shipping companies in Dubai provides air freight services to the world’s airports quickly and professionally.

The best motorcycle shipping companies are those who have the skill to attach, pack and install bikes while transporting them either through the trucks or inside containers to ensure safe arrival, in addition to making the necessary insurance for them during the shipping period.

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