Car shipping from Dubai to the Netherlands

Netherlands is one of the important destinations in shipping cars from Dubai and the UAE due to several factors, the most important of which is the proximity of the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands to many European cities and the ease of receiving and customs clearance procedures in it. In car shipping to the Netherlands, we carry out all the procedures for shipping cars, starting from receiving them and preparing the necessary documents for shipping until they reach their destination in the Netherlands.

How are cars shipped from Dubai to the Netherlands?

Every day, cars are shipped from Dubai to the Netherlands via shipping containers, which are considered one of the safest and most convenient ways to ship most types of cars, as used cars of all kinds, classic, motorcycles, and spare parts are shipped in these containers, which usually take their arrival to Rotterdam from 30 to 36 days from the Jebel Ali port in Dubai. If the cars do not fit with containers with sizes of 20 feet and 40 feet, cars can be shipped via RORO ships, as these ships are used to ship cars, trucks, and all other types of vehicles of various sizes, and they are equipped with equipment that allows these vehicles to be driven to and from the ship to allow The speed of loading and unloading using hydraulic ladders to facilitate the movement of transport, and one of its most important advantages is that shipping costs are sometimes lower than shipping through containers, but it takes a longer period of time to reach the destination. The car can also be shipped via air freight from Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports to Amsterdam Airport in the Netherlands. It is a fast and special service that we provide through our contracts with international airlines through a team trained in all air freight procedures for cars.

What are the expected fees in the Netherlands when the car is shipped to?

Before shipping the car to the Netherlands, it is best to find out the destination costs from the customs clearance agent in the Netherlands, as the unloading and port charges in Rotterdam can usually be around $ 600 per car, and the import duty on cars under 30 years old is 10% In addition to the 21% value-added tax, and in some cases, it is possible to avoid paying import duties on the car if you are moving to live in the Netherlands again.

Advantages that we offer in the car shipping service from Dubai to the Netherlands.

  • Our distinguished contracts with international shipping lines provide services to the port of Rotterdam or Amsterdam at the best prices and the shortest period.
  • The professional work team in Al-Fares, with its specialized experience in car shipping to Europe and its procedures, has the full ability to deal with all types of cars with high professionalism while following safe methods to protect cars throughout the shipping period.
  • Careful inspection of the car before carrying out the shipment process and explanation of the shipping process and the documents and documents required for shipping and customs clearance.
  • Experience in handling documents, handling operations and customs clearance at the ports of Jebel Ali and Rotterdam.
  • Providing car shipping service from the Netherlands to the UAE.
  • Our freight forwarders in the Netherlands are ready to facilitate the process of receiving and customs clearance in Dutch ports.

For more information about car shipping services from Dubai to the Netherlands, do not hesitate to contact us. Our staff is ready to help and advice. You can also request a free quote by simply clicking on “Request a quote” in the center of our website, and we will reply to you within a short time.

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