Car customs in Jordan
Car customs in Jordan The law on car customs was issued in Jordan in 1998, then this law was amended in 2018, as a few new customs rates were introduced in addition to other new rates of customs tariffs on the entry and exit of goods from Jordan, including cars, and due to the search of many people... More
Car shipping from the UAE to Qatar
Car shipping from UAE to Qatar is one of the important services that customers want in recent years, whether for new or used cars for individuals or companies. It is best to be careful before purchasing or shipping any car to obtain sufficient information about its shipment and entry into Qatar, ... More
Car shipping from Saudi Arabia to the UAE
Car shipping from Saudi Arabia to the UAE is one of the most important requirements that customers face when traveling to the UAE, as daily demands on shipping cars from Saudi Arabia to the UAE increase, whether for the purpose of the export or for the purpose of the temporary entry for tourism or t... More
Al Fares Car Shipping Services is your right choice to meet your requirements in shipping cars from the UAE to Nigeria and African countries, where we take care of all the procedures required to complete the air or sea freight process of all kinds and end reservations with the best shipping lines, e... More
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