Consolidation And Shipping From China To The UAE

Consolidation and shipping from China to the UAE

Al Fares International Shipping Company provides services related to shipping commercial goods from China to the UAE by providing an integrated set of the sea and air freight services from China and providing customs clearance, transport, and distribution services to achieve your requirements.

In Al-Fares we have effective partnerships with the most important shipping agents in China that provide customers with high levels of service to meet your needs in consolidating and shipping goods from China, with sufficient experience to deal with all types of goods and products of various kinds.

Through our extensive experience in China and the Gulf countries, we guarantee that you can carry out the shipping process from China efficiently and at a high speed to clear shipments and deliver them to your warehouse in the United Arab Emirates.

We have in Al Fares a specialized operations team in air and sea freight that provides appropriate assistance and advice to our customers in transporting shipments wherever they are in China and delivering them to your destination in the UAE with flexibility and ease.

Consolidating goods and shipments in China

If you want to make multiple purchases from more than one supplier in China or by ordering online purchase through Alibaba or other sites to buy many products, you will be asked directly to specify your shipping agent in China and this is a hindrance for many buyers and customers, but with Al-Fares Cargo Service, and through our multiple partnerships, we will provide you with shipping agents in China to complete the purchase directly.

We will provide you with all the details of the shipping agent in China, its warehouse address and contact numbers in addition to the Al Fares cargo code, after completing the procedures for booking the shipment with us, so that the delivery process for all purchases by the seller or supplier to the warehouse of the shipping agent.

After completing the collection of these shipments, the shipping process is done directly for all purchases once to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the Emirates.

What is required to book shipment from China?

  • The seller’s invoice
  • Packing list from the supplier
  • After the seller or supplier completes the delivery process to the China warehouse, you must provide us with the delivery notice indicating the number of parcels that were delivered.

The advantages of our services in consolidating and shipping goods from China to the UAE

  • Al-Fares provides shipping solutions from China to the UAE through the distinguished service in follow-up and speed of delivery in addition to the competitive price, we can manage sea freight operations and the diversity of methods used in shipping, either with full containers or by partial shipping in cubic meters and finalizing all the necessary documents for shipping and customs clearance in China and the UAE.
  •  Al-Fares provides competitive air freight services for small and large shipments that need speed in delivery. We also sort goods to identify fragile and perishable items that need special treatment and pack them in suitable parcels for air freight and deliver them to your destination.
  • Providing temporary storage services for your shipments in our warehouse in Dubai with the possibility of re-distribution and shipment based on your wishes.
  • Providing service from A to Z in collecting, shipping, and clearing goods, starting from receiving the goods in China until their delivery to your destination in the UAE.
  • Regular flight schedules for shipping from China, whether by sea or air freight.
  • Receive all your purchase orders wherever they are in all Chinese cities.
  • Provide convenient door-to-door shipping from China, including customs clearance.
  • Experience in customs clearing all incoming shipments to Dubai and the UAE.
  • Consulting services about shipping from China to the UAE.

You can request a free quote for your shipments from China by simply clicking “Request a Quote” on our website or via customer service.

For more information about shipping from China to the UAE, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our helpful staff is ready to help and advice.

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