Door to door shipping service

Door to door shipping service

There are many shipping methods via sea freight and air freight, between shipping from the customer’s headquarters or door to the port or airport, also shipping from port to port A from airport to airport, and finally, there is a special service that is shipping service from the customer’s door to the recipient’s door, and that service It can be used to ship all kinds of goods and personal items, and in that article we have given lines to explain the door-to-door service so that we can learn more about it.

Definition of door-to-door shipping service

Door-to-door shipping service is one type of shipping service in which shipments are delivered directly from the customer’s door and delivered to the recipient’s door. This type of shipping is often used for special and important items, whether they are parcels, goods, or cars, which cannot be shipped quickly from traditional shipping methods.

The door-to-door shipping method is a convenient method for receiving shipments, as the recipient does not have to go to the shipping location to receive the shipment sent to him, and the door-to-door shipping service is usually more expensive than other shipping methods due to the additional effort required to deliver the items to the recipient's door.

The importance of door-to-door shipping

There are some elements that explain the importance of the door-to-door shipping method, and they are as follows:
  • Cost effective

The mere fact that a single shipping agent takes over all transportation tasks for the parcel, goods, or vehicle in terms of customs clearance at the place of the sender as well as the recipient, and conducts all stages of transportation and shipment, meaning that he handles the entire shipping process from start to finish, which is a saving of a lot of money and effort for the sender. the shipment and to its recipient, making the cost of the door-to-door shipping service its actual value.
  • Save a lot of time

Real-time door-to-door delivery is reduced especially for individuals and businesses who need to move their shipments on short notice and don't need to go through all the time-consuming shipping process of moving a package from one point to another, handling, paperwork, and even customs clearance process.
  • Facilitate customs clearance procedures

Regardless of the items that you want to ship, whether they are parcels, cars, or goods when you do this, there will be many documents that need to be prepared as well as customs clearance procedures, and by requesting door-to-door shipping service, the shipping company will complete all steps of the process Customs clearance in your country. Our door-to-door freight forwarders will also inform you of the list of dangerous goods or prohibited items that must be avoided, as well as pay all applicable tariffs on your behalf.
  • Securing your shipment

Moving many different shipments at the same time increases the risk of shipments being lost before they are transported to the port or airport, so our door-to-door shipping service ensures that all items of your shipment are registered and placed in a secured container or aircraft. And when your shipment is delivered to the recipient, this is done through the registration that you made for the elements of the shipment when it was handed over to the shipping agent.
  • Having a team of experts handle your shipment

Al Fares Cargo Services provides you with a door-to-door shipping service, all the specialized assistance that you need, whether in finishing paperwork, handling, shipping, or customs clearance services, through a team of experts that deals with and secures your shipment until it reaches the recipient’s door.

Door to door shipping service steps

  • Shipment processing

The customer prepares his shipment, whether it is a parcel or goods, and wraps and packages it, at his own headquarters.
  • Hire a freight forwarder

In the second step, the customer needs to contract a professional freight forwarder who provides door-to-door shipping service to take charge of the entire shipping process. The freight forwarder specializing in door-to-door shipping service will be responsible for picking up the shipment from the customer's premises and transporting it to the destination, which is the recipient's door.
  • Receive the shipment

The shipping agent receives the shipment from the customer’s door and writes all its specifications and components, and any additional instructions that the customer may specify, such as that the shipment’s elements are fragile and breakable, then the shipping agent transports it to the airport or port according to the shipping method specified by the customer.
  • Transport of goods

The container will be filled with shipments which will then be transferred to the vessel for loading if sea freight is chosen. Or placing the shipment inside the plane in the case of choosing air freight, and it should be noted that before this point, the freight forwarder will communicate in advance with the carrier on your behalf. 
  • Customs clearance

At this stage, the shipping agent prepares all the papers required for customs clearance and contains details related to the goods and the country to which they will be shipped, including the value of the goods, the weight, and dimensions of the shipment, etc. The papers are then presented to customs officials in the sender's country as well as at the destination to be cleared by customs and transported to the recipient's headquarters.
  • Delivery to the recipient's door

When the shipment arrives in the country or city of the recipient, the freight forwarder places the shipment on the truck and delivers it to the address given by the customer to the door of the recipient.

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