Exhibitions and events logistics services

Logistics Services For Fairs, Exhibitions & Events

Special events such as exhibitions, conferences, and meetings are among the most important events in opening to the international market in today’s world.

These activities have become an integral part of international trade and play an important role in companies’ marketing strategies and their position in the industry.

Al Fares provides you with integrated exhibition logistical services that enable you to maintain your activities safely and smoothly without having to deal with these logistical details.

With our wide network of agencies and highly experienced staff, we take care of your logistical requirements and detail your needs with precision and professionalism and take measures according to current and potential situations.

Timing errors or unscheduled progress in exhibition logistics can lead to high costs and at the same time you risk your promotion as a company, so from start to finish we think through the minutest details and capabilities and act accordingly.

The most cost-effective transportation for your sea – land – air shipment is preferred according to your needs and requirements, and we also provide customs clearance services for exhibitions, preparing shipping and insurance documents in addition to storage services, internal transportation of materials to the exhibition grounds or port, and reloading to in End of the exhibition or event to re-stock or ship to the desired destination.

Tasks provided by Al-Fares in exhibitions shipping:

  • Follow up on all procedures and permits required to import or export from the UAE.
  • Providing trucks equipped 24 hours a day to transport shipments and equipment from the port to the exhibition or conference grounds.
  • Customs clearance for all types of shipments coming from abroad to the UAE.
  • Providing containers of different sizes and types that suit the size, type, and nature of shipments.
  • Follow the best methods to facilitate the shipping, receiving, and delivery process.
  • Provide packaging services in wooden and carton boxes, as necessary.
  • Selecting the appropriate airlines to transport shipments in the shortest possible time.
  • Providing insurance services for shipments and giving customers all guarantees until arrival and receipt.
  • Providing various transportation equipment and mechanisms in terms of sizes equipped to transport shipments, whatever their sizes or quantities.
  • Providing cargo insurance service during loading, unloading, and transportation.
  • Providing storage services for exhibitions and events in warehouses equipped for this purpose.
  • Provide trained technical workers 24 hours to load and unload shipments professionally to ensure their safety.
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