How shipping rates are determined in UAE

How shipping rates are determined in UAE?

Sea freight made a major development in the world of shipping. Most of the cargo movements and traffic between the continents is through sea freight and as Dubai is an important international trade center in Asia, Gulf region and the Middle East.

Al Fares Cargo Services as a freight forwarder has provided sea shipping solutions for various goods and commodities through Jebel Ali Port in Dubai, Khalifa Port in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah Port as well as several ports of the United Arab Emirates and World sea ports.

Shipping rates vary depending on the size and destination of the sea containers and usually calculated according to many factors.

Factors Affecting Shipping Pricing Through Containers:

  • Container size is 20 feet standard, 20 feet refer, 40 feet standard, 40 feet refer, 40 feet high cube, or more.
  • Specifying the port of loading and departure.
  • Determine the place of loading within the country and the distance to the port of departure.
  • The time required to load the container in case it exceeds 6 hours.
  • Shipping line carrier for container.
  • if the shipped materials are dangerous or it has certain specification.
  • insurance of the shipment against the major risks of shipping.
  • The destination required in the freight or port of discharge.
  • fuel consumption and international oil prices
  • war risks or any kind of major risks on vessels in some destinations
  • The time required for the container to remain after arrival in the country of destination for receiving and unloading.
According to all these factors and criteria, the shipping price of the container is determined by sea freight by the shipping companies in Dubai and UAE.

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