How to choose a good storage company in Dubai?

The UAE in general and the Emirate of Dubai is one of the largest and most important regional and global markets in international trade operations due to its influential role and is one of the most prominent markets for displaying products as it is one of the most important global shopping destinations, so it is a destination for many companies and individuals to display their products in it.

Often this requires the provision of suitable places to store products during their shipment or reception, whether inside the UAE or from abroad, and in order to choose a good storage company in Dubai, several factors must be taken into account if available in the company, it will be an ideal choice for you.

We will review with you the factors of choosing a good storage company in Dubai, and we will also present to you one of the most distinguished options in this field in the UAE, which is Al-Fares Logistics, Shipping, and Storage.

Factors for choosing a good storage company in Dubai

Choosing a good storage company for furniture or products is a process that must be done with great care as it will depend on the extent to which the property is preserved, whether personal, household, or commercial. Therefore, there are many factors that must be considered when choosing a storage company in Dubai, and the most prominent of these factors are:

  • The economic cost that the storage company will demand, as well as the multiplicity of storage areas in it and their suitability for storing products and the purposes to be stored.
  • The storage company can provide metal shelves and surfaces suitable for storage, and that the storage is not carried out directly on the floor.
  • The company must provide occupational safety measures and civil defense tools to deal with any circumstance that may endanger the safety of products and stored items.
  • The storage company provides flexibility in storage plans in terms of duration and space.
  • Evaluating the level of cleanness and arrangement in the company’s warehouse.
  • Provides the possibility of re-packaging according to need, as the method of packaging electrical and electronic tools differs from glass products and antiques from furniture from other types of products and therefore the company must provide different and varied packaging materials and tools that suit all purposes.
  • Good evaluation of the company’s services by former clients on Google or on the company’s website.

Al Fares Storage Services Company

Given those factors and other important factors that must be taken into consideration when choosing the best storage company in Dubai. Al Faris Logistics, Shipping, and Storage is an ideal choice for various warehousing operations, as the company considers all professional and safety factors in preserving and storing products in an optimal way.

The most important features of the storage service provided by Al Fares:

  • It follows all preventive and safety measures to preserve stored goods and possessions, as the company permanently prohibits smoking in any way in the storage areas, and it also periodically disposes of waste in an orderly manner to maintain the safety and cleanliness of the storage places as it considers the factors of good ventilation of the storage places to preserve the products that are stored.
  • The company provides different storage areas that consider all purposes and products. It also provides different storage plans, including weekly, monthly, and annual, according to the customer’s desire and need.
  • The company provides metal shelves and terraces for storage, but in the case of wood and furniture, it provides dry floors to preserve products of various shapes and types. The company also provides various packaging materials to suit all types of products, whether electrical or electronic, glass products, antiques, furniture, or other different products.
  • Speed ​​in completing shipping operations in the case of temporary storage of goods or furniture.
  • The company provides trained manpower for all loading, unloading, dismantling, installation, and logistical work on demand.
  • The company provides transportation and distribution mechanisms of all sizes.
  • The company helps in reducing the indirect costs of the materials, whether imported or exported, which helps to save the expenses of stored goods.
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