How to choose a shipping company in Abu Dhabi

The searching for a shipping partner to keep pace with you in daily life is exhausting. As you work, the desire to get the best shipping companies remains difficult, and this is where the importance of Al-Fares Shipping Services in Abu Dhabi takes place.

Our objective is to combine the expertise and the professionalism needed in handling our customers’ requests and needs. We put our services in a joint image with you to enhance sustainability capabilities and to communicate to provide a distinctive service and this is our basic vision.

We offer shipping, forwarding and customs clearance services in the Middle East, Gulf countries and over the world in general. We have a strong interest in integrated shipping services in the UAE, especially in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, through our experienced and reliable technical staff, which highlights all the support and facilitation of all our customer services.

We are always answering your questions about how to choose a good shipping company in Abu Dhabi (international forwarder in Abu Dhabi). While we answer this question, we are starting to develop the concepts and visions of Al-Fares Cargo Services in terms of serving companies, institutions and individuals through a full range of cargo services that rise to the concepts of diligence, professionalism, and trust.

Al Fares Cargo Services and Clearance:

At AlFares cargo, we are always seeking to integrate our expertise in airports and ports in order to meet our companies and individuals requests and cargo needs, based on logistics experience in providing the finest and best shipping services from Abu Dhabi, including furniture shipping and car Shipping from Abu Dhabi to the Arabic countries, Middle East, Europe and the link between all these destinations through multiple shipping places to and from all regions of the world.

Al Fares Cargo Logistics Services:

Through our wide experience in shipping, moving and customs clearance, our services are including all relevant sectors, institutions and regulatory bodies related. Our services range from air freight, land freight, and sea freight from Abu Dhabi. To sum it up, we offer you a full cargo services, shipping from and to Abu Dhabi, whereas the process of living stability requires a wide range of shipping options like furniture and car shipping. We work hard to create an integrated environment for your services, which we seek through our international technical and trained staff to seak out the latest means and equipment that provide you with a safe service for all your requests.

Land freight:

Land Freight services from Abu Dhabi are among priorities in AlFares Cargo Services, thanks to the combination of confidence and quality offered to its customers, as well as the lowest prices and fast shipping privileges through our trained and experienced staff to terminate all procedures related to land transporting from the UAE to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, GCC, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt.

Sea freight:

We have the best solutions and effective strategies to ensure the completion of containers shipping and forwarding from Abu Dhabi and Dubai by sea freight, carefully based on the latest equipment and means that constitute the maximum protection of the shipping process and through the most major international shipping lines.

Air Freight:

in completion of our range of cargo services in the shipments of all types of goods and materials, and depending on the extension of the link between Abu Dhabi airport and other international airports in the world, Middle East, Europe and Asia in the completion of fast shipping and forwarding all kind of products, goods and personal effects, and the use of our expertise in our connections with Canada and the Americas, we are working to meet all your requests for air cargo and customs clearance smoothly and accurately

Working in a complete package of concepts:

We offer extensive care to serve our customers in all sectors and companies to provide the best cargo service in Abu Dhabi, and in order to highlight the mechanisms of work in its highest degrees of credibility and professionalism, our staff is responsible for all services within a certain principles set by AlFares cargo company, to take responsibility for your cargo needs and complete all tasks within a variety of mechanisms:
  • Professionalism in dealing with all business sectors of companies and institutions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and the UAE.
  • Applying the highest standards in all fields of work by integrating excellence in the services completed by our experienced staff.
  • Maintaining a high level of trust and honesty is a priority to us. We move within the criteria of quality, credibility and flexibility.
  • Maintaining the safety of your shipments, goods and products by extending all safety components and preserving your belongings during the shipping process.

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