Important information about shipping furniture from the UAE to Turkey

Al Fares cargo provides all services related to international moving and shipping home furniture from the UAE to Turkey by providing a wide range of services and professional performance, as our services include packing furniture and transporting it by equipped trucks to our warehouse and carrying out the loading process inside containers with all care and diligence with attention to all procedures and permits required and work to clear All shipping procedures at the port of departure and arrival, and ensuring that it reaches its desired destination as soon as possible, with the provision of cargo insurance services.

What are the most important tips to follow when shipping furniture and moving from Dubai to Turkey?

- Good planning is the most important step in moving and shipping furniture to Turkey, so all the items that are wanted to be shipped must be determined in advance, as well as the purposes to be abandoned, and they are organized more easily and flexibly inside the home, which helps to move the furniture in a comfortable and safe manner with the least possible cost and effort. - One of the important things that must be noted about electrical appliances, as it is preferable to choose one piece of each type, in order to avoid any additional fees that may be added by Turkish customs to the usual fees when customs clearing furniture at the port of arrival in Turkey. - Choosing one of the furniture shipping companies in the UAE that enhances the quality of moving furniture and always works to improve its services continuously and provides professionals for packing and shipping furniture in addition to carrying out the dismantling and installation process for all parts and all your household goods. - Sorting out all the possessions in the house primarily, such as personal items, kitchen tools, many office supplies, books, etc. and placing them in cartons designated for each type and working on their numbering and writing what they contain each type so that it is easy to identify them upon arrival. - Organizing an accurate and clear packing list for all the materials to be shipped, which is one of the things that help in completing the customs clearance process in Turkey in a safe, easy, and fast manner.

What are the conditions that must be met when moving from the UAE to Turkey?

It is important when shipping furniture from the Emirates to Turkey that the sender name of the shipment in the UAE is the same as the recipient in Turkey within the bill of lading, to avoid any obstacles that may occur upon customs clearance in Turkey if the sender is not the same as the recipient. It is preferable to provide the shipping company in the UAE with all the recipient's details to be mentioned on the policy. A packing list must be prepared to explain all the items, tools, and the total number of cartons for the shipment and presented to the competent authorities upon customs clearance in Turkey. What are the documents needed to complete the process of shipping furniture from Dubai to Turkey? - A copy of the passport, Emirates ID, and residency copy of the sender with the address, contact number, and email. - A copy of the Turkish ID or a copy of the recipient's Turkish residency, with the address, contact number, email, and tax number in Turkey.

What is the mechanism of shipping furniture from the UAE to Turkey?

The home furniture is shipped via sea freight from Jebel Ali Port in Dubai to many Turkish ports in Istanbul, Mersin, Izmir and Antalya and other ports in proportion to your location in Turkey, and 20 feet and 40 feet containers are used according to the quantity and size of the furniture desired to be shipped. The method of loading the furniture inside the containers is considered one of the most important factors that distinguish the international moving company so that the furniture is arranged in a correct way inside the container to ensure its safe arrival to Turkey without breakage or harm, and these containers are also distinguished by being sealed tightly with a lead seal that is only opened by the customs authority Upon arrival, and after completing the customs clearance process from the port, the container is emptied and delivered to the recipient's home in professionally and perfect way.

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