Jebel Ali Port in Dubai

Dubai has a good number of significant ports, offering logistical, economic and tourism services. It doesn’t only serve Dubai and the UAE, but also serves many neighboring countries in the Gulf, Middle East and East Africa.

Jebel Ali is considered one of the most important international ports with its significant and unique location in the Arabian Gulf between Asia, the Arabian Peninsula and Africa. In addition to the modern gears and equipment’s available in it, the wide area and the fast and advanced services, as well as its location that can easily access Dubai airports and free zones in the UAE.

Most of the international shipping lines and shipping companies in Dubai are seeking to provide their services through Jebel Ali Port in Dubai in order to obtain these advanced services and to provide fast and efficient shipping that facilitates the connection between ports in Asia, Africa and even Europe, and in all different stages of every supply chain. This will contribute in the development of the shipping companies who offers sea freight and cut down on the costs of the containers from Dubai to Asia and many other destinations.

In this report, we will provide you with more information about Jebel Ali Port in Dubai is provided in this report.

Why do most shipping companies in Dubai prefer Jebel Ali Port:

A wide range of suppliers and companies choose to ship from Dubai via Jebel Ali Port due to its unique geographical location in the Arabian Gulf and at the crossroads of global trade. The port connects more than 140 ports around the world, and has large capacity to manage vessels and containers, which makes the cost of shipping from Dubai to these ports low and fast, and enables dealers to import and re-export through the free zones easily without complications, whether the shipping is through sea freight or air freight from Dubai Airports.

Not only that, but the port has many logistical advanced equipment, in addition to the successful worldwide management, which able it to provide the best service to the clients whether corporates or individuals.

Achievements accomplished by Jebel Ali Port:

For over 20 years, Jebel Ali Port has been selected as one of the best seaports in the Middle East and has been ranked as the ninth largest port for containers in the world, as well as the largest man-made basin in the world.

These figures emphasize the uniqueness of the port and its high distinctive capabilities which facilitates all processes of import, customs clearance and cars and goods shipping from Dubai to most countries of the world. In addition to re-export through the port directly, which makes the port one of the most important sources of income and growth in the UAE.

The most important areas of Jebel Ali Port:

One of the most important areas in Jebel Ali Port is the container shipping terminal, which covers an area of 218,400 square meters. The port also has a covered and an open storage area, which helps to store many different types of goods.

The port also has a large and varied refrigerant stores that helps store goods that needs low temperature such as food or medicine.

Logistics companies often provide a variety of sea freight services through Jebel Ali Port, at relatively low costs compared with many nearby ports.

Thus, we have reviewed some of the important features of Jebel Ali Port in Dubai. A port that stunned the world with its organization, high capabilities and the services provided to customers.


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