Khalifa Port in Abu Dhabi

Khalifa Port is located near the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, in a strategic location between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It was built to accommodate the largest ships at the time of its construction. It is the modern gateway to Abu Dhabi, and the port handles all container traffic in the emirate.

The Khalifa Port was inaugurated by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God have mercy on him and rest his soul, on 12/12/2012. The port is distinguished by the depth of its waters as well as its wide international network, with its presence in a strategic location linking Europe and the West on the one hand and the Middle East. Asia and Africa on the other hand, in order to be an important and essential centre to support and facilitate world trade.

The Abu Dhabi Ports Group's investment in Khalifa Port has led to the use of the latest technologies and the strongest infrastructure, while achieving strong local and international partnerships, all in addition to containing commercial solutions and integrated and powerful logistics services owned by the Abu Dhabi Ports Group, including the establishment of a distinguished and global centre for services Logistics.

The capacity of Khalifa Port in Abu Dhabi

  •  The container capacity is 7.8 million standard containers
  •  The general cargo capacity of the port is estimated at about 25 million feet
  •  The vehicle capacity is 15,000 vehicles
  •  The depth of the draft is 18.5 meters
  •  It contains 33 giant gantry cranes
  •  There are 36 berths in the port
  •  Its quay wall is 10,795 meters long
  •  The quantity of cargo is about 12 million tons of general cargo annually.
The expected capacity of the port is expected to reach 15 million TEUs and 35 million tons of general cargo by 2030.

Advantages and facilities of Khalifa Port

Khalifa Port is characterized by its multi-purpose facilities, as it has an ideal depth of the draft, which allows it to handle a wide variety of cargo types, from general cargo and containers to Ro-Ro, dry bulk, liquids, and gases. Khalifa Port also provides storage services in the warehouses located in the port as part of the comprehensive set of services it provides. The services provided within the port also include dealing with containers, general cargo, rolled goods, marine services, bulk cargo, and liquid storage. Gas, Warehouses and Warehouses, Dry Bulk Cargo

Khalifa Port terminals

1- Abu Dhabi Terminals

Abu Dhabi Ports is considered one of the most semi-automated terminals, as it is characterized by its advanced technology in the world, and the “MSC Mediterranean” company contributed to the preparation and operation of the region and worked to strengthen the position of Abu Dhabi Ports and made it one of the most important container terminals in the region The Middle East.

2- COSCO Abu Dhabi Container Terminal

Established under a 35-year concession agreement between Abu Dhabi Ports Group and COSCO Maritime Ports Limited, COSCO Abu Dhabi Container Terminal serves as a strategic hub on the map of China's Belt and Road Initiative, while facilitating business opportunities between Kizad and the wider international markets.

3- Auto terminal Khalifa Port

The Auto terminal, at Khalifa Port in partnership with Auto terminal Barcelona, was established to be a major hub for Ro-Ro Cargo and Vehicle Handling in the Middle East region. This station is characterized by its ability to handle large quantities of vehicles of all kinds, and it is equipped with a specialized technical centre for vehicles.

4- CMA CGM Station

Under a 35-year concession agreement between the Abu Dhabi Ports Group and the French CMA CGM Group, a state-of-the-art container terminal will be established at Khalifa Port, forming a new regional hub for CMA CGM. The terminal is expected to open in 2024, making Khalifa Port a hub for three of the four largest shipping companies in the world.

vision and expansion

Business growth and increasing customer demand prompted a massive expansion project to increase the port's handling volume and double its capacity. Increasing direct access to deep water, container yard facilities, warehousing, and project land, it will help facilitate opportunities for businesses. This significant expansion of the southern quay, along with the logistics area of Khalifa Port, indicates the start of a new era for Khalifa Port, enabling it to receive ships of all sizes and types. In addition, thanks to the recent agreement with the CMA-CGM group, will also significantly boost our container handling capacity.

General cargo stations

- The Southern berth: the area of the container yard in the berth is 823,000 square meters, its wall is 3 km long, and the draft is 18.5 meters deep.

- Logistics area of Khalifa Port: The area of ​​container area is 1.3 million square meters, the length of the quay wall is 3 km, and the draft depth ranges from 8 to 16 meters.

The strategic location of Khalifa Port

Khalifa Port has an ideal draft, connecting cargo ships to an extensive network of maritime trade routes. It also enjoys easy access to the highway network, airports, and direct access to the railway network, in addition to its proximity to the largest economic zone in the region, which is the “Kizad Group”, which guarantees the smooth movement of goods. We provide seamless logistics solutions by combining a large infrastructure with the multimodal connectivity capabilities of our network.

Environment and sustainability

Abu Dhabi Ports Group works, through continuous monitoring of maritime systems and taking all necessary precautions, to protect both its economic and environmental future.

The group also gives equal opportunities to operational staff at the port. Which consists of 55 nationalities, in which Emirati cadres constitute more than 50% of the total operational team of the port, and Emirati women cadres represent more than 80% of the total national cadres working in the port.

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