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The city of NEOM is represented by the dream of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has woven it into his mind, as he seeks to achieve his ambitions and reformulate the reality of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Neom is considered the city of tomorrow, and it is interesting to note its development and the speed that characterizes it. The goal of this city is to advance the vision of 2030 AD, and it is considered a turning point in the economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it provides new job opportunities and contributes to the growth of the gross domestic product.

The NEOM scheme is a project that looks forward to making a comprehensive and radical change for the future, and we will present below a detailed article to explain this project.

When was the NEOM project launched?

The Saudi Advanced NEOM Project Foundation was built on Tuesday, the fourth month of Safar 1439 AH, corresponding to October 24, 2017, AD, by Prince Muhammad bin Salman, Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, within the framework of the activities of the Future Investment Initiative established in the city of Riyadh. The Latin word "Neom" means "new and advanced" and shows the purpose of the project. This $500 billion financing from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Public Investment Fund, in addition to local and international investors, is sure to bring high levels of investment in various sectors to the city.

Where is the NEOM project located:

The project is in the northwestern region of the Kingdom and includes lands in the middle of the Egyptian and Jordanian borders. The region has many opportunities for development and growth thanks to its large area of ​​26,500 square kilometres.

The project has several unique features, including:

Proximity of the project to markets and international trade routes:

About 10% of the global trade traffic passes through the Red Sea, through the connection between Asia, Europe, Africa, and America, this destination will allow about 70% of the world's population to reach the site within a period not exceeding 8 hours.

Climate quality and terrain diversity:

The "NEOM" project is distinguished by its unique geographical location, as it enjoys the coldest areas surrounding it, with a temperature difference of about ten degrees Celsius from the average temperature in all regions of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. This is due to the nature of the mountains surrounding the area, the influence of air currents coming from the Red Sea, and its northern location.

The amazing terrain around the project includes:

1- The coast has wonderful beaches that extend for more than 460 km, and it also includes many pristine islands.

2- There are huge, high mountains that reach a height of 2,500 meters, overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea, and their peaks are covered with snow during the winter.

3- A vast and extended desert that attracts visitors

All the above spatial advantages give the region unique opportunities that distinguish it from other global projects and cities that have arisen and grown over hundreds of years, by paying attention to next-generation technology as a basic pillar of the project's infrastructure.

Information about the city of Neom

The city of NEOM is distinguished by its newness, as it has not been established before, and therefore it must possess a regulatory framework that differs from other laws and regulations followed in the world, and this comes due to the presence of different cultures, different civilizations, and social structures that speak in multiple tongues, and this requires the existence of special laws in the region for customs restrictions. Legal, tax, labour laws, etc., to enable the region to provide services and manufacture products at competitive prices in the world, the region must form a special judicial body that controls the resolution of disputes according to the laws of the region that differ from the legislation of any other place.

Features of the NEOM project:

The city then relies on many invested sectors, which are the bases that help develop the economy and guarantee a bright and pioneering future for the city. The following are the most important of these sectors:


The NEOM project aims to secure clean and low-cost energy sources for the city, such as solar energy systems and wind energy, as the city's location helps in developing advanced technological systems for power generation. Project scientists are also developing new energy sources from water, gas, oil, and algae and working to improve storage systems for energy.


It includes seaports, in addition to airports, and autonomous transportation solutions, such as self-driving vehicles, drones, and others.


Then the site of NEOM, which is located on the shores of the Red Sea for 450 km along the coast, helped to provide large quantities of water. These water resources can be used in energy production and water desalination, allowing it to be used as a regional source of water and to become a global leader in water desalination and storage technologies. It is possible to benefit from the experience of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in desalinating water locally, to provide potable water.


The food system used in the NEOM project relies on modern and advanced technologies, such as "vertical farms" that are powered by solar energy to support agricultural projects and agricultural greenhouses. These advanced technologies are being relied upon to reduce the areas needed to grow vegetables and fruits, which maintains the flow of fresh produce in the city.


As the city of NEOM was keen to develop tourism, by paying attention to the sports enthusiasm spread among many of the Earth’s population, and by promoting smart and modern sports facilities, in order to ensure comfort and excellent progress in performance. The city was also able to organize celebrations of international sports and hold new tournaments in various fields.

Advantages of the NEOM project for companies:

  • Access to the Saudi market directly first, and the global markets, since the region is a centre for connecting the three continents.
  • Comprehensive supply and innovation system.
  • Financing and financial incentives.
  • Regulatory environment for private and specific sectors, with encouraging trade laws on a global level.
  • Infrastructure that simulates the future puts people at the top of priorities and applies modern technologies to serve them to live in the future.
  • Redirecting Saudi spending abroad towards the “NEOM” project indirectly, as the Saudis spend huge amounts of money on tourism ($15 billion), health care ($12.5 billion), education ($5 billion), and investments abroad ($5 billion).

Advantages of the NEOM project for individuals:

  • High standard living environment.
  • Civil services based on technology in the sectors of health, education, transportation, entertainment, and others.
  • Advanced urban planning.
  • Numerous opportunities for growth and employment.
  • International standards for lifestyle in terms of cultural aspects, arts, and education. The most prominent future goals of the NEOM 2030 project

The most prominent future goals of the city of NEOM:

The NEOM project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia aims to achieve several important pioneering and advanced goals, within the framework of Vision 2030, and this includes a lot of purpose.

• The project aims to improve the city of dreams in the era of technological development and scientific improvement in the field of construction and the preservation of the weather and the global environment.

• Modern transportation systems are being improved and developed in the city, which move away from traditional and risky methods.

• Then, developing human resources and employing them effectively.

• Developing and creating a special natural environment by integrating architectural systems with natural beauty.

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