Popular products for import from Turkey

The technical development of Turkish industries has allowed the world to import many Turkish products, due to the quality of their manufacture and the mastery of their manufacturers with their creativity in their manufacture, and there are many products in the Turkish market that many importers around the world buy, and in this article we have highlighted the best common products that can be imported from Turkey, which are the following five products

Popular products for import from Turkey


The clothing industry in Turkey accounts for about 10% of the country's total exports, and this percentage is expected to increase in the coming period, which makes Turkey an excellent alternative to China in exporting clothing.

There is no doubt that importing clothes from Turkey is one of the successful projects, and all that is needed for its success is a feasibility study of the market situation in your country, focusing on the market needs of clothing, and processing all those necessary needs for the market, and Turkish exports of clothing reached 16.4 billion dollars during the past year, 2022.

2. Furniture

Furniture is one of the products that is in great demand in Turkey, due to the creativity of Turkish manufacturers in its production, and Turkish furniture products include office furniture, hotel furniture, bedroom furniture, beds, and mattresses, living room furniture, children's room furniture, metal, plastic and bamboo furniture, Turkish furniture exports amounted to 8.44 billion dollars during the past year 2022.

3. Carpets

Turkish factories offer luxury types of carpets, the demand for them from the Middle East, America and the European Union, which made them the most important carpet export markets in Turkey, and the demand for Turkish carpets and floor coverings is increasing day by day, which made Turkey have an ambitious goal to reach the value of Carpet Export up to 5 billion dollars annually by increasing production and diversification and opening new markets.

Turkish carpet exports amounted to 2.4 billion dollars last year, 2022.

4. Ceramics

As for the ceramic industry in the country, Turkey is one of the oldest ceramic manufacturers in the world and the fastest growing in that industry, as the ceramic industry is one of the most developed sectors in Turkey, even it got the eighth place among the ten largest ceramic manufacturing countries in the world and the third place in Europe.

Turkish ceramic exports amounted to 1.86 billion dollars during the past year 2022.

5. Jewellery

Turkey manufactures stunning and wonderful pieces of jewellery by skilled artists who create in this industry, which made Turkey's jewellery exports spread around the world, and Turkish jewellery exports reached record levels of 10 billion dollars in 2022, and Turkey aims to increase exports of jewellery products to more than 10 billion dollars in the coming period.

These were the most famous products that are exported from Turkey, and of course this is not exclusive, but these are the most famous products, in general, you can import many products from Turkey, where the Turkish industry is characterized by quality and workmanship.

The basics of choosing the right product sector for import from Turkey:

The challenge facing most importers is to choose the right product sector to import from Turkey, and although we have identified the best goods exported from Turkey, but that's not all, there are two basics that help you choose the right product to import from Turkey and achieve commercial success behind it, these two basics are:

1-the market needs 

Different countries have different needs around the world and what is good and suitable for one of them may not be beneficial for everyone. Depending on the climate, geographical location, culture and lifestyle, you will find that needs change from region to region.

Start with a product that you know will be sold, if not everywhere, at least somewhere. Start with a product that you might buy. It is always good to get acquainted with imported products that have been successfully sold in the target market.

2-avoid products that have easy alternatives available in the market

You may choose the perfect product, but when you put it on the market, your customer remembers that he has already found it on several sites, such as Amazon and Walmart, and says with himself: I will buy it later from these last sites. Therefore, it is necessary that the product is not available and available for purchase everywhere.

3-Choose a field with limited competition

The absence of competitors usually means a lack of demand, but if you focus on a field that has been exploited a lot, it will be very difficult to highlight your products. The best market niches are those that have some competitors, but a limited number of competitors.

4-the desire for the product

The more needs your product meets, the greater the desire to buy it, so increasing the desire of consumers for your product should work and this is done by the following methods:

  • The product should be less expensive than the products on the market.
  • The product should offer better specifications and greater utility than the already existing products.
  • It is desirable that the product has an eye-catching shape and colour.
  • The product should be easy to use.
  • The product should be easy to buy and always available.
  • Search for products that you would like to buy for yourself.

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