Shipping from Dubai To Bahrain

If you have shipments or goods, and you wish to send them to Bahrain, do not hesitate to contact us at AlFares cargo, we seek to provide you with a distinctive service to ensure that your goods arrive at their destination fast and safe, and with competitive prices to satisfy all of our customers. Shipping to Bahrain from Dubai has now became easy with Al-Fares cargo, simply contact us and let us know about the shipment and delivery information. Our team will start the process of shipping and will make the necessary packing and packaging upon your special requests, up till delivery to you wherever you are in Bahrain.

AlFares Cargo services and clearance provides its customers with many services to facilitate the shipping process on the customer.

The most important features of shipping from Dubai to Bahrain as follows:

  • Shipping all types of cargo from Dubai to Bahrain like:
    1.  Food, vegetables and fruits.
    2. Industrial materials of all types, sizes and weight.
    3. Shipping vehicles and automotive from the UAE to Bahrain.
    4. Medical and sanitary materials.
    5. Home furniture and household, taking into consideration sorting the items (furniture, glass and breakable objects).
  • Facilitate the import of customers' goods and shipments from the UAE, as we provide all logistics solutions for you.
  • Fast shipping process from collecting the shipments till delivery, taking into counts the deadline.
  • Door-to-door shipping service.
  •  AlFares cargo helps its customers to choose the most suitable shipping method for their goods that guarantees them the speed and lowest costs possible.
  • Insurance service against shipping risks.
  • Provision of lowest costs possible.
  • A fast shipping processes.

Shipping methods in Al-Fares cargo from Dubai to Kingdom of Bahrain:

Sea freight from Dubai to Bahrain:

Al-Fares cargo services and clearance provides the best services for its customers through international shipping lines. We offer you the best sea freight service from Dubai to Bahrain to transport all goods and shipments, and that’s either by assembling them then shipping in large containers or sent as a separate shipment in a special container, which is decided upon customers request whether these shipments are furniture and furnishings, cars, materials and large industrial machinery and others.

We have an extensive and sufficient experience in the field of maritime transit and re-export through the free zones, all professionally and high quality in order to maintain the safety of the shipment till delivered in Bahrain.

Air Freight from Dubai to Bahrain:

Air freight is currently the most suitable to meet the requirements of the customer, because it is the fastest and available at a low cost has become the appropriate supply chain for many companies and individuals between all shipping methods, which provides greater ease in commercial transactions, especially for materials such as food and other materials

Al Fares provides air freight services from Dubai and the UAE to Bahrain through years of experience in air freight operations and our continuous dealings with international airlines in a high level of quality and always striving to provide the requirements of our logistics customers and our ability to accommodate their desires whatever.

Land Freight from Dubai to Bahrain:

Al Fares Cargo Services has provided a fleet of regular and refrigerated trucks and car carrier of all types and sizes in order to meet the requirements of its customers.

3 tons Pickup, 7 tons Pickup, 10 tons, 25 tons, 12.5 meters, 13.6 meters, 15 meters, as well as trucks with heavy and large loads up to 85 tons (LOWBED) and car carriers.


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