Shipping from Dubai to Bulgaria

Al Fares cargo services offers you excellent services in the field of international shipping from the UAE to Bulgaria, which is one of our distinctive destinations in Europe. We offer you this service across our entire air and sea networks, as well as the provision of the best transportation solutions to achieve the highest level of services to meet the needs and requirements of our customers.

Al Fares cargo services is one of the best shipping companies in Dubai that is characterized by fast delivery and accuracy in performance, in addition to our extensive experience in handling all types of shipments. We also provide a program of air and sea shipping of multiple options, enabling customers to choose between them in terms of cost, duration, and delivery dates.

Shipping with Al Fares cargo depends on providing all the solutions and services with the utmost flexibility and integration to ship goods and shipments globally via air freight from Dubai to Sofia and sea freight from Dubai to Varna Port through a dedicated team, who is always working to implement the needs of customers, as we always work to achieve the optimum balance between speed, performance, delivery and costs. We provide shipping and transportation services from all cities in the UAE, and we deliver to most major cities in Bulgaria.

Air Freight Services from Dubai to Bulgaria:

Receive your shipment by air freight and save time and money with us through premium logistics solutions and multiple options. Though some may believe that air cargo is an expensive service, we will help you save money to the fullest extent possible through our strong contracts with the biggest airlines around the world, providing fast transit solutions and the best available facilitation for each shipment at a reasonable price.

We also have a dedicated efficient team with many years of experience, and is fully aware of all customs clearance procedures for cargo handling, and constantly working to offer regular flight schedules from Dubai Airport to Sofia Airport to suit your busy schedules, as well as giving credibility in the process of delivery to ensure a safe and efficient transport. At all Al Fares Cargo Services, we rely in air freight on receiving the shipments, packaging them securely and processing the documents and permits required for the shipment to be sent to the airport, so you can track the shipments around the clock.

Sea Freight Services from Dubai to Bulgari:

Al Fares Cargo Services offers integrated and cost-effective services to facilitate the process of shipping from the UAE to Bulgaria, whether through FCL to LCL shipping to the port of Varna to serve and meet the needs of customers, as well as delivering their goods and belongings on time. We will also clear and finalize all procedures Skillfully and efficiently, achieving the perfect balance in the speed of delivery at the best prices possible to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

We are also keen on applying the quality and safety standards in dealing with all types of shipments in terms of performance and safety, providing the necessary equipment and technologies. We will provide our customers with special care for their cargo and shipments by providing an integrated network of distinguished service providers and contracts with the best international shipping line companies.

Al Fares Cargo is specialized in the sea freight shipping of goods from the UAE to Bulgaria, whether through FCL or LCL, in addition to providing excellent services to ship cars through containers to the port of Varna and finalizing all the required procedures. We will also provide you with containers of different sizes and types to suit the size, type and nature of your goods, in addition to providing insurance service for goods and shipments.

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