Shipping from Dubai to Cameroon 

Shipping from Dubai to Cameroon

Al Fares Cargo Services has strived to achieve the goals of its customers in outstanding services, speediness and competitive prices, because our customers' trust is our success, knowledge and the pursuit of achievement, quality and value of time is our motto.

Al Fares Cargo Services is your choice to meet your needs in shipping from Dubai and the United Arab Emirates to Cameroon. As one of the shipping companies in Dubai and the UAE specialized in the logistical sector, we have provided excellent services in sea freight and air freight to Cameroon.

We take over all procedure of shipping, and will always follow a standard organized flow of work to ensure the arrival of goods and shipments to the destinations required at the specified time agreed upon, as well as completing the shipping process with to the best standards and competitive prices. Our company offers an integrated services package that includes inspection of goods to ensure their safe arrival, with the speed of completion and facilitation of procedures, while providing cargo insurance services and following the quality standards corresponding to shipping conditions.

At Al Fares International Shipping, we are always determined to expand our services to include shipping and receiving from all cities and regions in the UAE including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and other areas, and we work to deliver them to you in Cameroon, whether by sea freight shipping to Douala port or air freight to Yaounde airport.


Sea Freight Shipping service from UAE to Cameroon:

Al Fares Cargo Services provides shipping service from Dubai to Cameroon through Jebel Ali Port and Emirates Ports. We can manage sea freight and deal with all shipments with great treatment and attention.

Al Fares cargo provides you with a shipping service to Douala Port in Cameroon that meets the customer’s requirements and standard. Our professional and experienced team in this field have the full ability to deal with all shipments, whether commercial or personal, or even car shipping to Cameroon with high professionalism through our distinguished contracts with many international shipping line companies that provides their services to Cameroon as quickly as possible.

Al-Fares cargo is also considered one of the shipping companies specialized in sea freight from Dubai and UAE to Cameroon, whether through FCL or LCL retail cargo. In addition to providing car shipping services to Cameroon via containers or via RORO services, we will ensure the completion of all procedures required for shipping, we also provide you with shipping containers of different sizes and types to suit the size, type and nature of goods and shipments.

Air Cargo Services from Dubai to Cameroon:

Al Fares Cargo Services provides air cargo services to Yaounde Airport and Douala Airport in Cameroon by selecting the suitable airlines and appropriate flights to transfer cargo in the shortest time possible, regardless of their sizes or weights, whether the shipments are personal or commercial, to meet all customers ’logistical needs.

With the offers of integrated services in air freight services from Dubai to Cameroon, we provide full documentation, insurance and customs clearance services to ensure the maintenance of the supply chain and transportation chain in an efficient and cost-effective manner while ensuring safe delivery.

At al Fares Cargo, as one of the air cargo companies in Dubai, we have a team specialized in air cargo operations and is fully aware of all customs clearance procedures for outgoing shipments and dealing with them, and we always work to provide regular flight schedules from Dubai to Cameroon that suits your business and your requirements in shipping to Cameroon.


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