Shipping from Dubai to Croatia

The Republic of Croatia is in the southeastern part of Europe. Croatia is bordered by several countries: Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Republic of Montenegro.

Al Fares provides shipping services from Dubai to Croatia and it is one of the intended European destinations for many customers in addition to shipping from the UAE to Slovakia and Montenegro, as well as shipping from Croatia to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Al Fares provides car shipping services, and commercial shipments, in addition to international moving service for furniture and personal effects from Dubai and the UAE to Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Osijek, and other Croatian cities.

Sea cargo from Dubai to Croatia:

Al Fares Cargo Service provides regular shipping services from Jebel Ali Port in Dubai to Rijeka Port in Croatia and vice versa, by containers of various types and sizes through many international shipping lines.

In addition to the grouping shipping service as it is consolidated to reduce freight costs for customers.

Whatever the shipment, Al-Fares Cargo will follow the process of receiving it from the sender and its entry procedures to the departure port in Dubai and even the arrival port in Croatia.

Air cargo from Dubai to Croatia:

Al Fares has provided air freight service from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE to Zagreb Airport in Croatia at reasonable costs.

Al-Fares team receives the shipments and packaging them, then starts the shipping process according to the customer’s request, in addition to preparing the necessary documents for import and customs clearance, the shipment should be carried out in the first flight heading to Croatia correctly and safely.

Advantages of shipping from Dubai to Croatia via Al-Fares:

  • Long experience in car shipping service from UAE to Croatia.
  • Home and personal furniture shipping service with packaging from Dubai and the UAE to Croatia.
  • Providing all shipping and logistic solutions to facilitate importing goods and orders from Croatia to Dubai, UAE, and Gulf countries.
  • Speed and flexibility to complete shipping operations in Dubai in receiving and delivering.
  • Door to door express air shipping service.
  • Al Fares provides temporary storage services in Dubai.
  • Al Fares is a freight forwarding company that follows the principle of competitiveness that saves the customer in freight and import costs, in addition to providing the necessary advice regarding the customs clearance process.

For more information, you can send your inquiries about shipping from Dubai to Croatia via our website or through our customer service. We will get back to you within a short time. You can also ask us to call you back.

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