Shipping from Dubai to London | UK

Shipping from Dubai to London | UK | Air cargo to UK from dubai

Al Fares Cargo Services offers comprehensive cargo service from Dubai and Abu Dhabi To London and UK, AL Fares also specialized in shipping furniture, personal effects from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and all UAE cities to most cities in Britain and Ireland.

London, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Oxford, Bath and other cities in the UK and Ireland, Al Fares Cargo offers freight and transport services for furniture and cars via sea freight in both options LCL or FCL, in addition to express shipping via air freight for personal items to ensure fast arrival, where a professional team handles all packing and packaging of home furniture and other items with appropriate and shock resistance packaging, which is suitable for the process of transboundary movement with all care and professionalism, to ensure the safety and full protection of all content transferred.

In addition to receiving customer's cars and proceeding with the shipping process from Dubai to the UK and Ireland with all flexibility and organization, whether through sea freight or air freight.

In shipping from the UAE to London and the UK, our services include organizing the transport process with the customer in all its steps to ensure that the shipping process is flexible and correct. Speed in implementation, competitiveness, safety and others are our fixed standards, in addition to cargo insurance service as per customer's request.

For many years, Al-Fares Cargo Services interests were focused around developing the best methods and means of shipping that provide you with the speed and convenience of your travel and transportation, so there is no need to worry about your shipments because we will arrange delivery to you wherever you are in the UK, with the lowest cost possible.

For Global shipping services, Al Fares cargo offers the option of sea freight to and from most of the ports in the UK, whether your shipments are commercial or personal. Our local dealers have extensive experience in customs clearance and delivery to you wherever you are in London and the UK with great care and proficiency. Al Fares cargo also offers air freight from Dubai to most airports in London, UK and Ireland and vice versa. We have the ability to manage air cargo from Dubai and the UAE to London Airports (Heathrow and other airports), Birmingham Airport, Manchester and other airports by the biggest airline companies, as well as handling all sizes and weights of the shipments with extensive care and attention.

Our services include most of the British cities including:

 London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool, Newcastle, Cambridge, Bristol, Edinburgh, Leicester …….

Features of shipping from Dubai and UAE to London and the UK :

  • Shipping and Moving home furniture and personal items with packaging from Dubai to London and British cities.
  • Car shipping service from UAE to London and many cities in the UK.
  • Al Fares Cargo makes shipping suitcase uncomplicated task. So Ship your suitcase from Dubai to the United Kingdom and travel hands-free.
  • Long experience in shipping goods and materials (commercial, primary and industrial), with all their weights and sizes from UK to Dubai and the UAE.
  • Providing all logistic solutions in the service of our customers and facilitating the import of their goods and orders from UK to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Speed in completing shipping operations and receiving and delivering.
  • Door-to-door shipping service (according to the type of the shipment).
  • Fast shipping service (Express Cargo).
  • Temporary storage service.
  • Al-Fares Cargo Services adopts the policy of competitive prices that reduces shipping and importing costs on the customer.
We at Al Fares cargo are always seeking to expand our services in air and sea freight by providing quality services that meets and satisfies your needs in shipping from Dubai and UAE to London and UK.



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